Cavalry Scouts Move Forward in Gainey Cup Competition

Story by SFC Bryan Spreitzer on 01/31/2017 The six-Soldier team competed in a wide variety of physical and mental challenges designed to test their competencies as cavalry scouts. Cavalry scouts deploy forward of main forces and perform reconnasaince, providing vital information on enemy locations and capabilities, as well as provide
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Iron Brigade', Polish troops conduct live-fire demonstration

Story by SSG Corinna Baltos on 01/30/2017 ZAGAN, Poland The President of Poland formally welcomed American Soldiers during a ceremony at Karlike Range here Jan. 30, 2017. The ceremony, which featured the official uncasing of the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team (Iron Brigade), 4th Infantry Division's unit colors, culminated with
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American Soldiers achieve German fitness badges at NAVSTA Mayport

Story by PO2 Timothy Schumaker on 01/30/2017 The cries of physical exertion and shouts of encouragement could be heard for three days in Naval Station (NAVSTA) Mayport's track, gym pool and marching route as 40 U.S. Army soldiers visited the base to test themselves in an effort to achieve one
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First active-duty Army Cross-Domain Maneuver Lane established at Fort Riley

Story by SPC Elizabeth Payne on 01/30/2017 The Home Station Training Line at Fort Riley is developing into the active-duty Army's first Cross-Domain Maneuver Lane over the next six months. A CDML is a site where training incorporates various approaches in each "domain" of the battlefield land, air, sea, space
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10th Mountain Division selects shooters for U.S. Army Small Arms Competition

Story by SGT Nicholas Farina on 01/26/2017 According to the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit website, the U.S. Army Small Arms Championships is a comprehensive live-fire training event that tests Soldiers' ability to employ both primary and secondary weapon systems, problem solve and think critically under the stressors created by competition.
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Marksmanship density unites NATO allies

Story by SGT Lauren Harrah on 01/25/2017 RUKLA, Lithuania At the sound of the shot timer, reflexes take over as the shooter hones in on one of the three targets before him. Using quick, calculated movements, he begins driving two rounds into each target. At the short distance of only
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