Town Hall Meeting at New River

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Story by LCpl Tavairus Hernandez on 12/09/2016
Service members, DOD employees and their families attended the Town Hall Meeting hosted at the Air Station theatre on Marine Corps Air Station New River, Nov. 29.

The town hall meeting was comprised of representatives from sections and shops of the Air Station who spoke directly to participants about general information upcoming events, construction plans, crime rates and the services available.

"The town hall meeting is a venue for communication," said Col. Russell Burton, the commanding officer of Marines Corps Air Station New River. "It allows us to talk about what's happening on the Air Station, but it's also a venue for us to get feedback from people who may have questions or ideas about how we can provide goods and services better."

The floor was open for two way communication between participants at the theatre and those viewing online, to the representatives speaking and answering questions.

"I believe the town hall meetings are very important," said Erica Thomas, a Marine Corps Air Station New River resident. "I can voice my concerns directly to the source and I feel heard. My biggest concern was the dangers at a crosswalk on base my children use, and now I know it's being looked into."

When Thomas brought her concerns forward, she was instantly informed of who was in charge of handling those issues and was given the opportunity to talk to that person directly.

"Communication is a two way street, and we will do everything we can to ensure that the information is out there, but we have to have feedback, too," said Burton. "At the end of the day I measure my success by how many people are given the goods and serves that they rate and need from what I can provide."

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