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Story by Sgt Anthony Mesa on 02/28/2017
As the season begins to warm up again, Marines are hitting the range to enjoy their own version of fun in the sun. While trading out board shorts for flack vests and surf boards for M16 rifles, Marines with 2nd Maintenance Battalion, Combat Logistics Regiment 25, 2nd Marine Logistics Group spent a day at the range training and qualifying for various courses of fire at Camp Lejeune, N.C., Feb. 27, 2017.

The Marines trained on firing tables three through six, said Cpl. Devin Weiss, an electronics maintenance technician with 2nd Maintenance Bn. Table three trains for close-quarters engagements with targets 5 25 yards away while the shooters stand stationary and move forwards towards the target.

The fourth table of fire trains for shooting at targets preset at an unknown distance in different stances, said Wiess. Marines start table four standing in a concrete hole, and then shoot from the prone, kneeling, and standing position.

Tables five and six are night ranges similar to tables three and four except marines utilize night vision goggles to properly sight in on their targets, said Weiss.

Training different courses of fire is more than just a chance to put rounds down range while soaking up some sun.

"It's an annual requirement for the marine corps," said GySgt Ryan Zak, the calibration chief for Maintenance Bn. "The marines over here at [Electronic Maintenance Co.], they get stuck in the labs and they get stuck in the shops, and sometimes it's hard to get a chance to get out to the range."

When they do though, it is a welcome event.

"I think it definitely re-invigorates the fire and the spirit inside us," said Zak. "When the marines come out of boot camp or MCT, sometimes they get sent to their shop at their first duty station and they get hung up working 12 hour shifts, non-stop in a lab. [At the range] they can get out and they get to do the Marine Corps' stuff. They get to shoot and train and be ready so that when an opportunity comes to deploy, they are ready to go."

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