Army Reserve Soldiers own the beach at Big Lots East 2017

Story by 1SG Angele Ringo on 05/19/2017 A notional United States ally has asked for assistance in deterring an aggressive neighbor. U.S. intervention has derailed hostile actions for now, but the enemy is expected to return, making quick resupply of geographically dispersed maneuver units essential to denying the enemy the
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Belvoir Hospital Spring Uniform Review

Story by Reese Brown on 05/09/2017 (FORT BELVOIR, Va. (May 04, 2017)--Hundreds of service members at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital gathered before daybreak and celebrated their unique service cultures and bonds as one of the only two joint military medical facilities in the U.S. during a spring formation and uniform
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Belvoir Hospital "I Look Like A Surgeon" Challenge, April 12, 2017

Story by Reese Brown on 05/09/2017 FORT BELVOIR, Va. (April 12, 2017) Female surgeons of the Belvoir Hospital take a moment to recreate a recent image from the New Yorker magazine as a display of pride and diversity. (Department of Defense photos by Reese Brown)
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Priority Maintenance

Story by Joseph Eddins on 04/17/2017 When Tech. Sgt. Chris Ferrell was home from deployment he would sit in his family room in the wee hours of the morning, watching TV with his friend, Tech. Sgt. Tony Campbell, who was sprawled out in the recliner next to him. He didn't
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Prime Power getting HQ facilities upgrade at Fort Belvoir

Story by Christopher Gardner on 04/11/2017 Most times, when an active duty U.S. Army unit is deployed it's not to American cities, but for the 249th Engineer Battalion (Prime Power) it's not unusual at all. These specially trained Soldiers, part of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, help provide temporary
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Beyond the walls: Walter Reed Bethesda supports national special security events

Story by Megan Garcia on 04/05/2017 In conjunction with the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, Walter Reed Bethesda provides medical support, in the form of advanced trauma life support teams or advanced cardiac life support teams, to national special security events throughout the National Capital Region. These events include presidential inaugurations
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