Arrival General Information

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Nellis Visitor Center

Nellis: 702-652-3216 • Building 698

(Adjacent to Nellis Main Gate)

Open 24 hours a day

Security Forces Pass and Registration

Nellis: 702-652-8681 • Building 20, Room 114 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday

Creech does not have a separate Visitor Center or Pass and Registration section. Visitors must report to the facilities listed above for service.

Vehicle Registration on Base

Nellis and Creech do not require vehicles to be registered on base. Decals are unnecessary and are not issued due to the 100-percent ID card check policy.

Visitor Passes

Sponsors may request a pass to the installation for short-term guests. The Visitor Center at the Nellis main gate will issue a pass for up to 72 hours for general visitors and a one-time pass for up to 30 days for family members staying with a sponsor in base housing. Sponsors must be present and show their military-issued identification (Common Access Card or military ID), and the visitors must show their government-issued photo identification (such as a state driver’s license or passport). Visitors must show their photo ID and the pass upon each entry to the base and on demand while on the installation.

Entry Authority List (EALs)

To request unescorted access for guests attending a function on base (such as a wedding, birthday party or awards ceremony), sponsors should complete an EAL that includes the full name, date of birth and Social Security number for each guest. EAL requests must be turned into Pass and Registration at least three duty days prior to the event to allow sufficient time for background checks of all guests. EALs must be typed on the EAL form, which can be emailed upon request. EAL forms are also available in the Pass and Registration office. Handwritten EALs will not be accepted.

Long-Term Passes

(Visitors and Home Care Providers)

Sponsors may request long-term passes for up to one year for visitors and home-care providers in base housing. Once the request is turned into Pass and Registration, there will be a 72-hour waiting period to allow for a background check. Once the background check is complete, the pass holder can pick up their long-term pass at Pass and Registration after checking in at the Visitor Center.

Long-Term Passes (Contractors)

Contractors working on the installation can request a pass for up to one year through their contract manager (often the job foreman). Once the request is turned in to Pass and

Registration, there will be a 72-hour waiting period to allow for a background check. Once the background check is complete, the long-term pass will be delivered to the requester through the contract manager.

Local Utility Services

Nevada Energy


The residential deposit is based on the historic average monthly bill. If your residence does not have previous billing history NV Energy will charge $100 per service. NV Energy will waive the deposit requirement if you provide a recent letter of good credit from your previous utility.

Southwest Gas Corporation


The residential deposit is $80. Active-duty members’ deposits will be waived; all others may be waived with a letter of good credit or may be refunded after one year of good credit.

Las Vegas Valley Water District

Additional Information

Access to Facilities for the Handicapped

All common facilities on Nellis such as the Base Exchange, commissary, medical center, post office, Desert Oasis and The Club, are equipped with parking, ramps and restrooms designed to accommodate the special needs of handicapped individuals. Any questions concerning specific buildings should be referred to the chief engineer of the 99th Civil Engineer Squadron.

Driver’s License, Vehicle Registration & Insurance Information

New Nevada residents must obtain their driver’s license and vehicle registration within 30 days. The initial fine for failing to register your vehicle is $1,000. It may be reduced to not less than $200 upon compliance.

Active-duty military members, their spouses, dependents and others living temporarily in Nevada are not required to transfer their license and registration.

Nevada insurance is mandatory. The minimum liability insurance requirement is $15,000, $30,000, $10,000. You must keep a Nevada Evidence of Insurance card in your vehicle at all times and present it to law enforcement upon request.

Firearms Registration

Handguns must be registered with the state of Nevada at any police station or substation in the Las Vegas area within 72 hours of arrival.

Dormitory and base-housing residents with privately owned firearms are required to register them with the 99th Security Forces Group upon arrival at Nellis. Dormitory residents and personnel residing in the temporary lodging facility must store their privately owned firearms in the security forces armory.

Las Vegas Crime

Las Vegas attracts 43 million visitors annually. Crime rates in the metropolitan area are the same as or lower than in other cities of comparable size. Clark County’s population is 2 million people and climbing. Since Nellis is the most exclusive and guarded community in Las Vegas, on-base crime is significantly lower than off base. If you choose to live off base, please refer to the following Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) websites for local crime statistics.

No gangs operate on the base. Nellis Security Forces are active members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Gang Task Force, and stay educated on gang trends in the Las Vegas area. Gang activity is often directed at petty crimes or property crimes, with violence directed at rival gang members. Nellis officials have no history of gangs targeting military personnel or their families for recruitment or criminal activity.

You can take several measures to help prevent you and your family from becoming victims of crime. Refer to the following LVMPD website for tips on deterring crime in your neighborhood:

For your safety, the base recommends:

• Don’t leave anything of value in your car

• Lock your car at all times

• Know your license plate number

• Lock your home door

• Make sure your front and back doors have peepholes.

• Secure easy theft items — bicycles, lawn mowers, ladders, etc.

• Get involved with the Neighborhood Watch program.

• Know your neighbors.

If you leave on vacation, temporary duty or deployment:

• Stop newspaper and mail deliveries

• Close blinds and curtains

• Notify neighbors you trust; ask local police to do checks

• Set timers for lights and a radio

• Have someone take care of your yard

Most juveniles who encounter law enforcement because of their behavior are not being monitored by their parents. Parents must enforce the Nellis community standards within their household.

Children need an appropriately aged babysitter when left without parental supervision. Children using bicycles, rollerblades and skateboards must use the appropriate safety equipment. Children 17 and under have a curfew. Families that do not adhere to Nellis community standards may be barred from the base.