Tenant Units

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Area Defense Counsel

The ADC offers legal representation to Air Force members facing trial by court-martial, administrative separation, nonjudicial punishment and other adverse administrative actions. ADC is organizationally independent and reports directly to the Trial Defense Division through headquarters, U.S. Air Force Trial Judiciary, Western Circuit.

Air Force Audit Agency Area Audit Office (AFAA)

The AFAA is a separate agency with its headquarters at the Pentagon. AFAA has several area audit offices located at selected installations worldwide. Area Audit Offices are responsible for audit teams on selected Air Forces bases. The Southeast Area Audit Office, located at Nellis, is responsible for audit teams at Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz., Holloman AFB, N.M., Nellis Air Force Base, and Luke AFB, Ariz. Nellis’ team provides all levels of Air Force management with independent, objective and quality audit services that include: reviewing and promoting economy, effectiveness and efficiency of operations; evaluating programs and activities and assisting management in achievement of intended results; and assessing and improving Air Force fiduciary stewardship and the accuracy of financial reporting.

Air Force Office of Special Investigations

The AFOSI provides professional investigative services for the protection of the Air Force and DOD people, operations and material worldwide. AFOSI provides quality investigative service for its customers by conducting an average of 23,000 investigative operations per year. The organization seeks to identify, investigate and neutralize all types of criminal activity. Major crimes investigated by the AFOSI Det 206 can be broken down into three main categories: general crime, fraud and counterintelligence investigations and operations. To enhance effectiveness in this mission, members of the AFOSI encourage all Air Force members to report directly to all special agents on any of the aforementioned subjects, as well as any request for defense-related, technical or other specific information outside official channels.

372nd Training Squadron, Det. 13

The 372nd TRS, Det 13 of the 982nd Training Group, Sheppard AFB, Texas, provides technical aircraft maintenance training using classroom and hands-on practical instruction. The detachment also offers training for Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, allied forces and students en route to Pacific Air Forces. Assigned instructors provide training on A-10, F-15C, F-15E, F-16C, F-22A, HH-60G and MQ-1 aircraft.

Air Force Joint Test and Evaluation Program Office

The mission of the Air Force Joint Test and Evaluation Program Office (AFJO) is to generate, develop and support Joint Test and Evaluation activities that enhance Air Force capabilities and mission effectiveness in joint operations. The JT&E program is an Office of the Secretary of Defense effort designed to help the services solve interservice operational problems in a joint environment and alleviate test and evaluation difficulties through work on testing methodologies. AFJO provides continuous, proactive management of USAF participation in the OSD JT&E Program.

563d Rescue Group, Operating Location-Alpha (OL-A)

The mission of the 563rd Rescue Group, Operating Location-Alpha (OL-A) is to provide administrative oversight and operational support for two combat rescue squadrons, the 58th Rescue Squadron and 66th Rescue Squadron, one detachment, Det 1, 563rd Operations Support Squadron, and one aircraft maintenance squadron, the 823rd Maintenance Squadron, at Nellis Air Force Base. The OL-A manages scheduling, training, plans, maintenance quality assurance, logistics, safety and resource management and provides command and control for home station taskings.

823d Maintenance Squadron

The mission of the 823rd Maintenance Squadron is to maintain, service and inspect HH-60G “Pave Hawk” aircraft; to plan, schedule and direct both scheduled and unscheduled preventative maintenance to maintain mission-ready status; to rapidly mobilize and deploy forces to provide combat and peacetime search and rescue operations in support of U.S. national security interests; and to provide logistical support for the USAF Weapons School and Det 1 of the 18th Flight Test Squadron.

58th Rescue Squadron

The mission of the 58th Rescue Squadron is to organize, train and equip a rescue force and combat support team that performs with courage and honor to deploy, employ to rescue anyone, anywhere, anytime, and redeploy. These Things We Do, That Others May Live to return with honor!

66th Rescue Squadron

The mission of the 66th Rescue Squadron is to provide rapidly deployable, expeditionary and agile combat search and rescue (CSAR) forces to theater CINCs in response to contingency operations worldwide. The 66 RQS conducts peacetime search and rescue (SAR) in support of the National Search and Rescue Plan and the U.S. Air Force Warfare Center. The 66 RQS also directly supports HH-60G logistical and maintenance support requirements for the U.S. Air Force Weapons School and Air Combat Command-directed operational test missions.

Depending on the mission, a typical rescue crew may include a pilot, co-pilot, flight engineer, aerial gunner and two pararescuemen. These Pararescue Jumpers, or “PJs,” are qualified as combat paramedics, scuba divers, parachutists, mountain climbers and survivalists.

Detachment 1, 563d Operations Support Squadron

Detachment 1, 563rd Operations Support Squadron stood up on June 5, 2008. Their mission is to provide the world’s best operational support to the Air Force’s premier Rescue Group by enabling mission accomplishment through exceptional plans, scheduling, training, logistical support and aircrew flight equipment in a coordinated effort to guarantee successful worldwide operations.

820th RED HORSE Squadron

The 820th RED HORSE Squadron is one of four active-duty RED HORSE Squadrons and is located at Nellis AFB, Nev., reporting directly to the 12th Air Force Commander (Air Forces Southern). It is a self-sufficient, 550-person civil engineer and logistics unit capable of providing rapid response and independent operations in remote, high-threat environments to support worldwide contingencies and special operations.

The 820th RED HORSE is the only Air Force civil engineer unit with Airborne and Air Assault-qualified engineer capabilities with equipment and personnel rigging support, including Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Emergency Management and Fire/Emergency Services personnel.

RED HORSE provides rapid response using the most expedient methods of travel available: airdrop from fixed or rotary-wing aircraft, insert via rotary-wing aircraft, standard airlift and convoy. These Airborne and Air Assault-qualified engineer forces have specialized equipment and vehicles to provide expedient airfield or facility assessment and repairs, including airfield capability assessments, preparing helicopter or aircraft landing areas, clearing obstacles, expedient airfield damage repairs and initial assessment of required follow-on forces and materiel resources to establish airfield contingency operations and force beddown.


The 926th Group is an Air Force Reserve unit under 10th Air Force, Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, Fort Worth, Texas. The group is located at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., as an associate unit to the U.S. Air Force Warfare Center. Through Total Force Integration, reservists are integrated into regular Air Force units, accomplishing the USAFWC and 432nd Wing/432nd Air Expeditionary Wing missions side by side with regular Air Force personnel on a daily basis.

Through TFI, the 926th GP provides combat-ready reservists to the USAFWC as sustained expertise integrated at the operational and tactical levels of warfare. It continuously conducts combat operations, operational test and evaluation, tactics development and advanced training to forge the tools required to fly, fight and win.

The 926th GP also supports the U.S. Air Force’s first Remotely Piloted Aircraft wing, the 432nd WG/432nd AEW, equipped with more than 100 MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aircraft, in its mission to train pilots, sensor operators and other UAS crewmembers, and conduct combat surveillance and attack operations worldwide.

In October 2007, the 926th Group was officially activatedat Nellis AFB. The 926th GP consists of seven squadrons and two detachments across the nation:

• The 926th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron integrated into the 57th Maintenance Group at Nellis AFB.

• The 706th Fighter Squadron integrated into the 57th Wing and 53rd Wing at Nellis AFB.

• The 926th Force Support Squadron at Nellis AFB.

• The 926th Aerospace Medicine Squadron at Nellis AFB.

• The 78th Attack Squadron integrated into the 432nd WG/432nd AEW at Creech AFB, Nev.

• The 26th Space Aggressor Squadron accomplishing the 57th Adversary Tactics Group mission at Schriever AFB, Colo.

• The 84th Test and Evaluation Squadron at Eglin AFB, Fla.

• The 84th Test and Evaluation Squadron, Detachment 1, integrated into the 505th Command and Control Wing at Hurlburt Field, Fla.

• The 926th Group, Detachment 1, integrated into the 432nd WG/432nd AEW at Creech AFB.