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14th Flying Training Wing

Columbus AFB Mission Wing Staff Agencies

The mission of the 14th Flying Training Wing is to produce pilots, advance airmen and feed the fight. The wing accomplishes this via specialized undergraduate pilot training in T-6A, T-38C and T-1A trainer aircraft. Each day the wing flies an average of 300 sorties using three parallel runways. The success of the wing’s training and deployment missions depends on the numerous units that comprise team BLAZE — both inside and outside the gates of Columbus AFB.


The Flying Training Wing Staff Agencies act as advisers and aides to the 14th Flying Training Wing Commander, ensuring that the various aspects of the wing operate efficiently and effectively.

14th Comptroller Squadron

The 14th Comptroller Squadron provides financial management, resource allocation and decision support to the 14th Flying Training Wing. The squadron is also responsible for wing-wide programs, such as the Defense Travel System and the Government Travel Card program. The Financial Analysis Flight is responsible for an operations and maintenance budget of more than $100 million annually. The Financial Services Flight is responsible for providing financial services to over 3,100 civilians, retirees, foreign students and contractors, which include travel pay, military and civilian pay, and disbursing operational funding to the 14th Flying Training Wing and five geographically separated units. The Financial Customer Service Counter is open 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Additionally, customers can contact 14 CPTS via email at

Commander’s Activities/Operations Center (CAOC)

The CAOC is an Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century (AFSO21) derived hybrid organization comprising Public Affairs, Protocol and the Commander’s Action Group (CAG). Located in the 14th Flying Training Wing (FTW) Headquarters, this organization is a one-stop shop when planning events on Columbus AFB. Public Affairs can be contacted at 662-434-7068, Protocol at 662-434 7024 and the CAG at 662-434-1410.

Inspector General (IG)

The 14 FTW’s Inspector General’s mission is sustaining the combat capability of America’s Air Force through inspections of unit mission effectiveness, compliance and readiness; providing an independent avenue for addressing and resolving complaints; and providing trained and ready forces for AEF requirements. The IG staff is a stand-alone entity outside of the base chain of command and under delegated authority to the Wing Commander.

The IG is a protected alternative to the chain of command when reporting possible misconduct, fraud, waste, abuse or violations. The IGQ ensures the concerns of complainants and the best interests of the Air Force are addressed through objective fact-finding. The IGI oversees, plans, and executes the Wing Commander’s Inspection Program to include managing the Commander’s Inspection Management Board and training/certifying the augmented Wing Inspection Team (WIT). The WIT is a team of functional experts chosen from wing units to plan and conduct exercises led by the IGI.

The IG can be contacted at 662-434-2927 or or

Command Post (XP)

The command post provides world-class command and control by accurately upchanneling and disseminating information for the 14th Flying Training Wing. Command Post can be reached at 662-434-7020.

Wing Equal Opportunity Office (EO)

The EO office ensures that no Air Force personnel, military or civilian, are subjected to unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment. All base personnel have the responsibility to uphold the policies of EO and must be alert to any indication of discrimination or harassment, fulfilling the responsibility of ensuring equal opportunity and treatment for all.

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (SAPR)

The sexual assault response coordinators (SARC), sexual assault victim advocates (SAVA) and volunteer victim advocates are available at major DOD installations to assist victims of sexual assault. The Columbus AFB SARC serves as the single point of contact for integrating and coordinating sexual assault victim care 24/7. The SAPR office is also responsible for providing sexual assault prevention and awareness training throughout the installation. The SAPR office is in Bldg. 926, Room 117, and can be reached 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at SARC: 662-434-1228, DSN 742-1228 or SAVA: 662-434-1329, DSN 742-1329 or the 24/7 hotline at 662-364-0822.

Wing Safety (SE)

The mission of the wing safety office is to preserve the human and material resources of the wing by preventing mishaps. The key processes for wing safety are primarily aimed at increasing safety awareness throughout the base. Even the requirement to investigate mishaps stems from a need to identify causes of mishaps and reduce the chance for future occurrences. Wing safety uses unit safety representatives and the unit commanders to enhance the effectiveness of their programs.

Wing Plans and Programs

Wing Plans and Programs section develops and maintains a host of base plans used in response to events such as natural disasters, aircraft mishaps, unit deployments or hazardous material spills to name a few.

Wing Maintenance Authority (MA) and Maintenance Authority Quality (MAQ)

The 14 FTW/MA and MAQ are responsible to the 14 FTW commander for the enforcement of a $46.3 million annual aircraft maintenance contract. Their mission is to monitor a contracted civilian organization exceeding 480 personnel maintaining 233 aircraft separated into three different airframes; the T-1A, T-6A and T-38C totaling $1.5 billion in assets. The service provider’s organization consists of flightline maintenance and 33 maintenance back shops. They are also the primary adviser to wing leadership and contracting on all aircraft maintenance issues. To ensure all levels of command are kept aware of maintenance issues and contractor performance, the MA/MAQ prepares detailed studies and briefs for Major Command and Numbered Air Force commanders and also serves as the primary point of contact for all higher headquarters maintenance inquiries and inspections.

14th Operations Group

Columbus AFB Mission 14th Operations Group

The 14th Operations Group and its nine squadrons are responsible for the 54-week specialized undergraduate pilot training (SUPT) mission at Columbus AFB and A-29 training at Moody AFB, Georgia. The international officer management flight is under the 14th Student Squadron.

14th Operations Support Squadron

The 14th Operations Support Squadron is a diverse unit providing direct support to the training mission and the National Airspace System. Squadron functions include air traffic control of Columbus AFB and 13 outlying airports, airspace management, flight authorization support, airfield management, flying hour program management, life support, weather support, flight records management and contract quality assurance.

14th Student Squadron

The 14th Student Squadron (STUS) was reactivated Dec. 2, 2011, and directly supports the training mission of more than 450 specialized undergraduate pilot training students by providing complete administrative control of the students. Other functions include academic instruction, managing student in-processing and handling all TDY training for follow-on assignments. In addition, the 14 STUS is responsible for the operation of the transition office and reclassification process providing manning for 50 critically understaffed base agencies.

37th Flying Training Squadron, 41st Flying Training Squadron

The 37th Flying Training Squadron and the 41st Flying Training Squadron conduct primary flight training in the single-engine T-6 Texan II. Seated tandem in this aircraft, each student receives about 87 hours of flight training. Students learn basic aircraft characteristics and control; takeoff and landing techniques; aerobatics; and night, instrument and formation flying. The 37th and the 41st are the only two flying training squadrons in the Air Force that conduct the Air Education and Training Command (AETC) Aviation Leadership Program for the Chief of Staff of the Air Force. The international students participating in this program receive U.S. Air Force pilot wings upon graduation. After completion of their T-6 training, students progress to advanced training in the T-38, T-1, T-44 or UH-1.

43rd Flying Training Squadron

The mission of the 43rd Flying Training Squadron is to provide a reserve of experienced instructor pilots to augment the Air Education and Training Command’s instructor cadre. During wartime, or in the event of hostilities, the unit is mobilized to offset the anticipated loss of experienced active-duty instructor pilots.

48th Flying Training Squadron

The 48th Flying Training Squadron conducts the training of the tanker and airlift tracks of SUPT. Students receive a minimum of 160 hours of flight instruction in the Beech T-1A Jay Hawk. Students learn air refueling procedures, tactical navigation, airdrop and advanced navigation, with an emphasis on crew resource management.

49th Fighter Training Squadron

The 49th Fighter Training Squadron conducts Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals flying training in the T-38C for more than 75 U.S. Air Force and international pilots and weapon system officers annually. It develops the ability, proficiency, confidence, discipline, judgment, situational awareness and airmanship of future fighter wingmen. In addition, unit members deploy to support fighter syllabus and operational training requirements for Close Air Support and Dissimilar Air Combat Training.

50th Flying Training Squadron

The 50th Flying Training Squadron conducts an advanced phase of undergraduate pilot training. This phase consists of 181 hours of ground training, 38 simulator hours and 110 flight hours in the Northrop T-38C Talon. Training includes advanced aircraft handling, instruments, low-level navigation and an increased emphasis in two/four-ship formation. At the completion of training, the graduate is awarded the aeronautical rating of pilot and receives his or her coveted Air Force wings.

81st Fighter Squadron

The 81st Fighter Squadron conducts combat training for Afghan Air Force pilots and maintainers in the A-29 Super Tucano. The 81st Fighter Squadron executes an annual flying program of approximately 3,000 sorties and 4,500 hours. The 81st Fighter Squadron is a unique organization composed of Air Advisor Pilots, Air Advisor Maintainers and support personnel who conduct CONUS- and OCONUS-based training for the Afghan Air Force. This training includes basic and advanced tactical employment of the A-29 to Afghan pilots, maintenance training and support mission training. The squadron is the only combat mission-ready fighter squadron in AETC.

14th Mission Support Group

Columbus AFB Mission 14th Mission Support Group

The 14th Mission Support Group provides essential services with five squadrons, one division, more than 750 people and a $40 million budget. It operates and maintains 508 facilities and infrastructure for Columbus AFB and provides contracting, law enforcement, supply, transportation, fire protection, communications, education, recreation and personnel management for 10,000 people. The group is also responsible for wartime preparedness and contingency operations.

14th Force Support Squadron

The 14th Force Support Squadron manages military and civilian personnel, education services, consolidated training offices, professional military education, and Airman and Family Readiness Center programs. Additionally, it develops policies and plans and provides services, facilities, training and resources to commanders, base personnel and family members.

14th Security Forces Squadron

The 14th Security Forces Squadron maintains 24-hour law enforcement, integrated defense and contingency response capabilities. It is responsible for resource protection, crime prevention, anti-terrorism, unit security programs, and combat arms training and maintenance, as well as training and equipping mobility teams to support global force protection requirements. The squadron also teams with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to facilitate the timely exchange of criminal and threat information.

14th Civil Engineer Squadron

The 14th Civil Engineer Squadron provides planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance support, as well as fire and environmental protection and emergency management response to support across the base. This is done through conscientious management of 5,981 acres, three runways, 157 facilities, 328 dormitory units and all base infrastructures, valued at $1 billion with an annual budget of $12 million. In addition, the 14th Civil Engineer Squadron partners with the Hunt Management team to provide housing management and maintenance to 453 housing units.

14th Contracting Squadron

The 14th Contracting Squadron provides business advice and timely contract support for the acquisition of supplies, equipment, and construction and base maintenance services in support of the 14th Flying Training Wing’s mission. The squadron manages service contracts exceeding $300 million in total value accounting for 30 percent of the base workforce. They were responsible for annual contract obligations that totaled more than $66 million for fiscal year 2015. They also provide support for wartime contingency and worldwide mobility taskings. The phone number for 14th Contracting Squadron customer service is 662-434-7802.

14th Communications Squadron

The 14th Communications Squadron provides essential communications, information systems and information management to support the flying training mission. It has a 47-person military, civilian and contractor workforce with a $1.6 million annual budget. These cyber warriors plan, acquire, coordinate and integrate upgrades to the communications and information infrastructure, as well as provide combat-ready troops for mobility taskings.

14th Logistics Readiness Division

The 14th Logistics Readiness Division provides logistical support for the 14th Flying Training Wing’s mission. Its personnel issue and account for 12 million gallons of aircraft fuel and 40,000 supply items and provide maintenance for 150 vehicles. They provide traffic management for passengers, personal property and cargo shipments. The division also supports Air Force contingency missions with mobility supplies and services.

14th Medical Group

Columbus AFB Mission 14th Medical Group

The 14th Medical Group enhances the flying mission through emergency medical response during flying emergencies, life-support education and aerospace physiology training. The medical and dental readiness capability of active-duty members and SUPT students assigned to the 14th Flying Training Wing are ensured. The warrior mentality is instilled through optimal deployment skills training to meet present and future contingencies with the right resources. Furthermore a healthy community is promoted by providing medical care to the nonactive-duty beneficiary population, including disease management and education for chronic illnesses.

14th Medical Operations Squadron

The 14th Medical Operations Squadron provides family medicine, aerospace medicine, mental health support and dental services. The squadron also offers physical therapy, immunizations, aerospace physiology, radiology, and Health and Wellness Center services.

14th Medical Support Squadron

The 14th Medical Support Squadron supports the medical group’s mission through medical material services, medical facilities management, medical readiness, resource management, information systems, pharmacy, radiology and laboratory services, TRICARE and patient administration services, and personnel and administration support.

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