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Welcome to Edwards Air Force Base! The 412th Test Wing is the host wing for Edwards — the 2nd largest base in the U.S. Air Force. The wing oversees base day-to-day operations and provides support for over 10,000 military, federal civilian and contract personnel assigned to the 481 square mile


  The northwestern Mojave Desert is a dry wilderness home to coyotes and jack rabbits, greasewood-creosote bush and Joshua trees; it is a harsh land of stunning contrasts. Until the Southern Pacific Railroad arrived in 1876, the desert was populated mostly by occasional prospectors seeking elusive mineral wealth. In 1882,


  The 412th Test Wing plans, conducts, analyzes, and reports on flight and ground testing of aircraft, weapons systems, software, components, modeling and simulation for the U.S. Air Force. There are three core components for this mission: flying operations, maintenance and engineering. The maintenance group maintains and flies an average

412th Test Wing Major Units

  Air Force Plant 42 Production Flight Test Installation: 661-272-6770 412th Civil Engineer Group: 661-277-2910 412th Electronic Warfare Group: 661-275-7610 412th Maintenance Group: 661-277-2600 412th Test Management Division: 661-275-9249 412th Mission Support Group: 661-277-0440 412th Operations Group: 661-277-3306 412th Test Engineering Group: 661-277-4999 412th Medical Group: 661-277-7118 U.S.A.F. Test Pilot

Tenants and Select Units (Not Inclusive)

  190 S. Wolfe Ave. 661-277-2366 or DSN 527-2366 The 31st Test and Evaluation Squadron, established in 1917, is an Air Combat Command unit at Edwards Air Force Base. The Desert Pirates and Detachment 1, 53rd Test and Evaluation Group (TEG) are the sole ACC organizations at Edwards and are


  Emergencies, dial 911. For non-emergencies, call: 412th Security Forces Squadron Emergency Control Center 105 E. Yeager Blvd., Bldg. 2860 661-277-3340 or DSN 527-3340 From a landline base telephone, emergencies can be reported by calling 911. If using a cellphone, dialing 911 is not recommended, as the call will be

Natural and Man-Made Disaster Preparedness

  EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT 105 E. Yeager Blvd., Bldg. 2860 661-277-4433 Types of Emergencies Found in Our Area Earthquakes are the most common natural disaster to occur in Antelope Valley due to our proximity to two major fault lines; however, they are not our only threats of disaster. Other types of

Caring for The Environment

EDWARDS WILDLIFE With 481 square miles of mostly undisturbed desert, Edwards AFB is home to more than 470 native animal species. Most residents are likely to come into contact with wild animals at some point during their time at Edwards. In most cases, this contact is harmless and can be

On Base

  Air Force Flight Test Museum 405 S. Rosamond Blvd. 661-277-8050 Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The museum features exhibits, displays and videos depicting the history of Edwards AFB and of flight test at Edwards, including aircraft static displays, models, biographies and aviation memorabilia. The museum also

Off Base

  The Antelope Valley is a grand expanse of blue skies and sunshine radiating in every direction over Edwards Air Force Base. To the south and west are majestic mountains and to the north and east, the undulating and seemingly endlessness of the Mojave Desert. Today the Antelope Valley has

Beyond the Local Area

CALIFORNIA DIVISION OF TOURISM P.O. Box 1499 Sacramento, CA 95812-1499 877-225-4367 or 916-444-4429 www.visitcalifornia.com From Edwards, all of California is a drive from your doorstep. The California office of tourism can provide a wealth of information regarding the myriad activities and outdoor recreation offered by the Golden State. BAKERSFIELD Chamber


F-35 surges forward with record-breaking weapons tests

By Christopher Ball, 412th Test Wing Public Affairs / Published August 25, 2016 EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- The F-35 Integrated Test Force here recently completed 25 missions comprised of 12 Weapons Delivery Accuracy and 13 weapon separation tests as part of a month-long weapons firing test surge. Historically,
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