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Luke Air Force Base Clinic

Luke AFB Medical Assistance

The Luke Air Force Base Clinic is an outpatient medical facility staffed by the 56th Medical Group to support and provide a range of medical services that include primary and specialty care. It is in Building 1130.

Primary care services consist of family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine and flight medicine. Specialty services consist of allergy/immunizations, optometry, mental health, orthopedics, physical therapy, general surgery and women’s health. For more information on 56th Medical Group clinics, visit or call 623-856-CARE (2273).


To schedule an appointment, visit or call 623-856-CARE (2273). The Central Appointment Department is open 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, for active-duty personnel only, and 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. for all other TRICARE Prime and Plus beneficiaries enrolled to the 56th Medical Group. Please press prompt number “1” to schedule or cancel an appointment with the appropriate clinic.

If you need medical attention after 4 p.m., call 623-856-CARE (2273). The primary care manager on call will assist you in receiving treatment. For emergencies, call 911. Emergencies are defined as situations that pose a threat to life, limb or eyesight.

All TRICARE-eligible beneficiaries choosing to obtain routine health care at the 56th Medical Group must enroll in TRICARE Prime and choose a primary care manager from the list provided. The TRICARE Service Center is on the second floor of the 56th Medical Group. This office can provide literature as well as answer any questions that you may have regarding all your health care benefits, not just TRICARE. UnitedHealthcare representatives can be reached by calling 877-988-9378.

56th Medical Operations Squadron

Luke AFB 56th Medical Operations Squadron

The 56th Medical Operations Squadron provides outpatient and ambulatory clinical services to TRICARE Prime beneficiaries through its primary and specialty care clinics, with referral and admission to civilian providers and facilities as needed. The Women’s Health Clinic is limited to nurse practitioner services and is on the first floor of the 56th Medical Group’s main building, Building 1130, along with the Allergy/Immunizations Clinic and Pediatrics. Family advocacy, mental health, physical therapy and chiropractic services are offered in the main hospital on the second floor. Physical therapy and chiropractic services are for active-duty personnel only.

56th Dental Squadron

Luke AFB 56th Dental Squadron

The 56th Dental Squadron provides active-duty members comprehensive dental care while supporting the readiness of the 56th Fighter Wing (FW) to respond to worldwide contingencies.

The Dental Clinic is on the first floor of the main clinic directly across from the pharmacy waiting area. Routine dental care is limited to active-duty personnel.

Specialties offered to active-duty personnel within the facility are comprehensive general dentistry, prosthodontics and periodontics. Dental staff members may refer patients requiring complex specialty care to local civilian dental specialists. Routine dental care such as examinations, fillings, cleanings and sick call for active-duty members are provided by appointment only.

Routine active-duty dental sick call patients are seen by appointment Monday through Friday. Call 623-856-CARE (2273) to schedule all appointments. Patients experiencing severe pain, swelling, infection or oral trauma (for example, a split lip or tooth/teeth knocked loose) during normal duty hours, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., should call 623-856-CARE (2273) for a sick call appointment. If you suffer these symptoms after duty hours, call the after-hours answering service at 623-856-CARE (2273). The after-hours answering service will contact the on-call dentist to evaluate and treat your complaint promptly.

Active-duty family members are encouraged to enroll in the TRICARE Dental Program at Retirees may also enroll in the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program at

56th Medical Support Squadron

Luke AFB 56th Medical Support Squadron

The 56th Medical Support Squadron provides medical support and ancillary services to the beneficiary population of Luke Air Force Base. Flights dealing directly with patients include the pharmacy, clinical laboratory, and TRICARE Operations and Patient Administration. Other flights include resource management, medical logistics, medical education and training, medical information systems, medical readiness, and personnel and administration.

56th Aerospace Medicine Squadron

Luke AFB 56th Aerospace Medicine Squadron

The 56th Aerospace Medicine Squadron provides care for flying personnel and their families and is home to Bioenvironmental Engineering, Flight Medicine and Occupational Health in Building 810; Public Health and Optometry in Building 1130; and the Health and Wellness Center in Building 700.

Other Services

Luke AFB Other Services

Flight Medicine supports the flightline with in-flight and ground emergency response during flying operations. It also provides primary care for aircrews and controllers and their families. Flight Medicine is responsible for flying and nonflying exams, all occupational health exams and preventive health assessments for personnel assigned to their team. Force Health Management, the Preventive Health Assessment Clinic, the Medical Standards Management Element and the Family Medicine Clinic manage all other physical exams.

The Flight Medicine Clinic is in Building 810, between the Bryant Fitness Center and the flightline. Call 623-856-CARE (2273) for more information.

The Medical Standards Management Element (MSME) is responsible for processing retraining, overseas clearance (active-duty Air Force members only), special duties, profiles (469 or 422), security clearances and PME 422s. Call 623-856-9874 or 623-856-7986 for more information. MSME is in Building 810.

The Health and Wellness Center (HAWC) is dedicated to prevention and health enhancement. It provides a number of prevention programs to active-duty personnel, dependents, retirees, civilian and contract workers. Classes include weight management, prenatal fitness and nutrition. A tobacco-cessation program is also offered, and smoking-cessation products are available to TRICARE beneficiaries from the Luke Air Force Base Pharmacy.

Appointments for tobacco cessation can be made by calling the HAWC line. Individual nutrition and fitness counseling is available from a dietitian and diet technician or an exercise physiologist. An on-staff massage therapist is available for appointments for a fee, and a variety of health and nutrition information is available free of charge.

Interested individuals should call the HAWC at 623-856-3830 for more information or to make an appointment for classes.

Bioenvironmental Engineering (BE) provides industrial hygiene support to the entire base, including workplace surveillance, air and noise sampling, and radiation safety. BE monitors the base drinking water and provides consultation on environmental health concerns such as indoor air quality, mold, asbestos and lead-based paint. BE fit-tests base personnel for workplace respirators and gas masks for deployment. BE has an entire suite of detection equipment and the capability to respond to many base emergencies involving HAZMAT and CBRNE threats.

The BE office is in Building 810, between the Bryant Fitness Center and the flightline. For more information, call 623-856-7521.

Public Health Flight provides preventive medicine services including Community Health, Occupational Health and Force Health Management programs for Luke Air Force Base.

The Community Health element monitors disease trends, provides vector surveillance, inspects food service and public facilities, and presents preventive health education and immunization recommendations.

The Occupational Health element conducts hearing examinations and education for industrial personnel enrolled in the Hearing Conservation Program.

The Occupational Health element is in Building 810 between the Bryant Fitness Center and the flightline and can be reached at 623-856-3111.

The Force Health Management element oversees the deployment health program, including pre- and post-deployment medical processing. Force Health Management provides preventive health and immunization recommendations for leisure travel as well. The element grants 56th FW units access to the Aeromedical Services Information Management Systems website in order to monitor their unit’s Individual Medical Readiness rate.

Optometry Clinic

Luke AFB Optometry Clinic- Stock Photo

The Optometry Clinic is on the first floor of the main clinic. Routine eye appointments can be scheduled through the TRICARE appointment system by calling 623-856-CARE (2273) or booked at

Appointments are offered to all active-duty members from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. TRICARE Prime members (active-duty family members or retirees and their family members) enrolled to Luke Air Force Base are offered an appointment if schedule permits. Active-duty members have first priority. If appointments are temporarily unavailable within access standards, the TRICARE Service Center can assist the non-active-duty member in using their TRICARE enhanced benefits to access civilian local network optometry providers within the constraints of their individual TRICARE benefit.

NOTE: Active-duty members are not authorized to utilize civilian optometrists and must be seen on base.

NOTE: Non-activity-duty TRICARE Prime members do not need a referral to be seen at a network provider.


The Optometry Clinic provides primary eye care and prescriptions for both eyeglasses and contact lenses to active-duty members. TRICARE Prime members (family members of active-duty personnel or retirees and their family members) enrolled to Luke Air Force Base are offered primary eye care and prescriptions for both eyeglasses and contact lenses if scheduling permits.

Acute Care: Appointments for acute care must be made directly with the optometry clinic for red eye, foreign body and corneal abrasions. If it is an eye emergency, patients should call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Walk-In Services: Walk-ins are available for the following services: flightline driver’s license exams, color vision testing, eyeglasses adjustments and repairs, as well as ordering of military eyeglasses, gas mask inserts and ballistic eyewear. Civilian eyeglasses may not be repaired or adjusted. Retirees are permitted to bring civilian eyeglasses prescriptions to the optometry clinic to order one pair of military eyeglasses at no charge once a year. Active-duty members with an appointment will have priority before walk-ins.

Contacts/Glasses: Current contact lens wearers may receive a contact lens prescription update during a routine eye exam if requested and not contraindicated. Contact lens wearers should wear their contact lenses to the appointment. They should also bring their most recent pair of eyeglasses and most recent contact lens prescription. It is possible for pilots to receive an initial fit if they are in the Aircrew Soft Contact Lens Program. Other patients may receive an initial fit as determined by the optometrist based on the optometrist’s discretion, prescription availability and any ocular conditions contradictory to contact lens wear. (NOTE: Contact lens fitting is not a covered TRICARE benefit if sought by a civilian provider. The cost of purchasing contact lens is not a covered benefit for active-duty and TRICARE members.)

Pupil Dilation: All patients should be prepared for pupil dilation. They should bring sunglasses and consider arrangements for a driver.

Optometry Externs: The Optometry Clinic utilizes optometry students in their final year of school. These externs are under the direct supervision of a fully credentialed and licensed optometrist.

ID & Medical Records: Remember to bring your ID card and additional insurance information. If your medical records are not maintained at Luke Air Force Base, please bring them with you for the appointment. If your records are maintained at Building 810, Flight Medicine, it is your responsibility to pick your records up and bring them to your appointment.

NOTE: Please do not bring children to your appointment unless they also have an appointment.


Luke AFB Tricare- Stock Photo

Health care for you and your family members is important. Don’t wait until you are sick to find out how to obtain care. Active-duty personnel assigned to Luke are automatically enrolled in TRICARE Prime and may choose their primary care manager from the list provided.

As soon as you arrive, and certainly during “Right Start,” call 877-988-9378 to update you and your family’s insurance information and get assigned to a Primary Care Manager.

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