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In Madison and Morgan Counties

Redstone Arsenal Education & Academics In Madison and Morgan Counties

For those moving to a new location, it’s important to know what educational options are available. This chapter outlines the public schools systems in Madison and Morgan counties, along with information about local libraries and higher education. There are private schools, charter schools and home schooling available to children in both counties as well.

To be enrolled in an Alabama school, a child must be at least 5 years old by Sept. 1 of the school year. Those wishing to register their child in school should bring the following to the school office: a birth certificate or other proof of the child’s age, the child’s previous school records and immunizations records. Check with the school for additional requirements. Required immunizations for a child enrolling in kindergarten are as follows: five doses of diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis; four doses of polio; immunization against measles, mumps and rubella; two doses of measles-containing vaccine; two doses of varicella; and age-appropriate doses for Haemophilus influenzae type b and pneumococcal disease. For more details on Alabama’s minimum vaccine requirements for students in grades K-12, visit the Alabama State Department of Education’swebsite.

In 2010, Alabama, along with 42 other states, the District of Columbia, Guam, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Department of Defense Education Activity adopted Common Core State Standards that provide a consistent set of educational expectations for students, regardless of ZIP code. When a family moves, a student’s education is often disrupted because the student may be forced to repeat material or learn at a different level at the new school. With common standards across states, this disruption will be reduced — of particular interest to military families. At present, national Common Core State Standards exist only for English language arts and mathematics, with science and social studies in development, though Alabama has state standards across the full curriculum. For more information, visit


Charter schools are public schools of choice that are tuition-free, serve all students and have open enrollment. Alabama recently passed legislation to allow charter schools in the state, and the earliest schools were anticipated for fall 2016. The Alabama Coalition for Public Charter Schools lists information at its website.

For more information about charter schools in Alabama, visit the Alabama State Department of Education’s website.


A law enacted in 2014 clarified that private, nonpublic and church schools offering instruction in grades K-12 are not subject to licensure or regulation by the State Department of Education, thereby authorizing much broader private home-schooling in Alabama. For information on the legal requirements of home-schooling in Alabama, visit the Home School Legal Defense Association’s website.

Another resource for home schooling in Alabama is the Christian Home Education Fellowship of Alabama. The home-school state organization has information on how to home school in Alabama as well as information and resources on curricula and church schools in Alabama. Visit its website or call 334-288-7229.


To search for local private schools in Alabama, visit the National Center for Education Statistics website and use the private school search tool. Users may search by location, religious affiliation, school type or other categories.

Choosing a School

Choosing the right school is very important, so be sure to research each one before deciding. During the process, consider these details:

  • Contact the school by phone or by visiting its website, which is a valuable source for school district statistics and curriculum.
  • Talk to people in the area, especially friends and colleagues who already live there.
  • If the school shows promise, schedule a visit and bring a list of written questions about student-teacher ratios, computer availability, extracurricular activities, sports programs, music programs, gifted programs and grading standards.

Discuss the potential school with your child: what they liked and what they didn’t like.

Your family’s ability to readily adapt to a move and to find happiness in your new home may depend, in part, on how happy your children are in their new school.


Huntsville City School District

200 White St.
Huntsville, AL 35801

The Huntsville district includes 36 schools: seven high schools, two magnet schools, six middle or junior high schools, and 21 pre-K through elementary facilities. Each elementary school includes a pre-K program with the mission of preparing students to begin school. The district has an enrollment of approximately 24,000 students.

Madison County School District

1275 Jordan Road
Huntsville, AL 35811

The Madison County district has 27 schools, including 17 elementary schools, four middle schools and six high schools. The district has an enrollment of approximately 20,000.

Morgan County Schools

235 Highway 67
Decatur, AL 35603

The Morgan County school system has five high schools, five junior high schools (K-8), three middle schools and four elementary schools. The district has an enrollment that fluctuates between 7,800 and 8,000.

Universities/Higher Education

Redstone Arsenal Education & Academics Universities Higher Education

Madison and Morgan counties offer plenty of opportunity for continuing education. The Redstone Arsenal Education Center provides education counseling, college programs, testing services and more in its multi-use learning facility. Use the following contact information to start your search for the school that is right for you.

Alabama A&M University

4900 Meridian St. N
Normal, AL 35762

Athens State University

300 N. Beaty St.
Athens, AL 35611

Calhoun Community College

102 Wynn Drive NW
Huntsville, AL 35805

Columbia College

Army Education Center
Building 3495, Suite 106
Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898

Drake State Technical College

3421 Meridian St. N
Huntsville, AL 35811

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

3495 Patton Road
Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898

Florida Institute of Technology

Toftoy Hall — Patton Road
Building 3495, Room 105A
Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898

Oakwood University

7000 Adventist Blvd. NW
Huntsville, AL 35896

University of Alabama Huntsville

301 Sparkman Drive
Huntsville, AL 35899


Redstone Arsenal Education & Academics Libraries

Public libraries in Madison and Morgan counties offer learning, recreation, distance education, internet connections and other resources for users — all for free. In addition, school libraries that support the curriculum and offer internet access and other resources are in most public and private schools, and academic and special libraries are found in colleges and universities.The Alabama Public Library Service, supports libraries in the state with resources, interlibrary loan and other assistance.

Residents can enjoy multiple academic and public libraries in Madison and Morgan counties. Get information about services, hours and events by visiting the branches’ websites. For a full list of libraries in the state, visit the Alabama Public Library Service website. The following public library branches are near Redstone Arsenal.

Huntsville-Madison County Public Library

Downtown Huntsville Library

915 Monroe St.
Huntsville, AL 35801

Bailey Cove Branch Library

1409 Weatherly Plaza SE
Huntsville, AL 35803

Bessie K. Russell Branch Library

3011-C Sparkman Drive
Huntsville, AL 35810

Eleanor E. Murphy Branch Library

7910 Charlotte Drive
Huntsville, AL 35802

Madison Public Library

130 Plaza Blvd.
Madison, AL 35758

Oscar Mason Branch Library

149 Mason Court
Huntsville, AL 35805

Triana Public Library

357 Record St.
Triana, AL 35756

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