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Irwin Arrival

Welcome to the National Training Center and Fort Irwin, and congratulations on your selection for this challenging assignment! Since 1940 the high desert of the Mojave has provided the backdrop for tough, realistic training that is critical to the success of America’s Army and the security of the Nation. Our

Irwin - Housing

The Villages at Fort Irwin offers one, two, three, and four bedroom homes to Families and senior unaccompanied personnel stationed at Fort Irwin. Owned and operated by California Military Communities LLC, a joint venture between Clark, Pinnacle, and the U.S. Army. The Villages at Fort Irwin completed an eight-year project

Irwin - Services

Army Community Service The Army Community Service mission is to provide “Real Life Solutions for Successful Army Living” for all of our Soldiers, Family members, retirees and civilians. ACS offers comprehensive and effective programs and services to meet the needs of the Fort Irwin community. The ACS team is dedicated

Irwin - Education

Schools Silver Valley Unified School District provides educational services to Fort Irwin. The District Administration Office is located in Yermo, Calif. Telephone: (760) 254-2916. Families residing off post in communities generally to the east of Barstow will be within the district. Those who live in Barstow, or in communities to

Irwin - Medical

MEDDAC The United States Army Medical Department Activity stands ready 24 hours a day to support the National Training Center mission and military families who live here. Comprehensive health and preventive medicine services are provided to active-duty personnel, both assigned and rotational, their Family members, and retirees. The nature of

Irwin - Units

Operations Group Activated on Oct. 3, 1982, at Fort Irwin, the Operations Group mission is an integral part of the overall mission at the National Training Center. Its mission is to train Army combat units to a demanding standard using realistic scenarios to provide training feedback to Soldiers, leaders, and

Irwin - Environment

The NTC and Its Environment Fort Irwin is located about 37 miles northeast of Barstow, Calif., in the Mojave High Desert. The installation consists of more than 1,200 square miles of desert lands, hills and mountains. A wide variety of wildlife and vegetation communities are supported by distinct landscape features

Irwin - History

The Fort Irwin area is rich with history dating back almost 15,000 years, when Native American Indians of the Lake Mojave Period were believed to live in the area. Indian settlements and pioneer explorations in the area were first recorded when Father Francisco Barces, a Spaniard, traveled the Mojave Indian

Irwin - Culture and Recreation

Fort Irwin and the National Training Center is conveniently located in a central area of Southern California within the Mojave Desert. The communities near our military installation constitute an area of Southern California affectionately known as the High Desert. The High Desert includes Baker, Barstow, Victorville, Silver Lakes and Apple


Headquarters, National Training Center

NTC MISSION Provide tough, realisticjoint and combined arms training Focus at the battalion task force and brigade levels Assist commanders in developing trained, competent leaders and soldiers Identify unit training deficiencies, provide feedback to improve the force and prepare for success on the future jointbattlefield Provide a venue for transformation

Army Community Service

Welcome to Army Community Service (ACS) Our mission is to provide “Real Life Solutions for Successful Army Living” for all of our soldiers, retirees, civilians and family members. ACS offers comprehensive and effective programs and services to meet the needs of the Fort Irwin community. The Fort Irwin ACS team
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