Family Support and Recreation

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Family Support and Recreation

JBER Family Support and Recreation

The 673d FSS hosts many programs and activities for the JBER community. Regulations allow all active-duty members, retired, reserve, Guard members and Department of Defense and non- appropriated fund civilians as well as all family members the opportunity to use all JBER facilities and programs. Some contracted entities are also authorized to use the facilities by the JBER commander. The 673d FSS consists of Manpower and Personnel Flight, Sustainment Services Flight, Warfighter and Family Services Flight, Force Development Flight and Community Services Flight.

The Manpower and Personnel Flight includes the Human Resources Office (HRO), Manpower Office, Army Military Personnel and the Air Force Military Personnel Section (MPS).

The Sustainment Services Flight includes Lodging, Elmendorf Fitness Center, Buckner Physical Fitness Center, Food Operations and Laundry.

The Warfighter and Family Services Flight includes Child Development Centers, the Military Child Education Program (School Liaison Officers), Outreach Programs (Family Child Care, Central Registration and Outreach Programs), Youth Programs (youth and teen centers, SKIES and SAP), Military & Family Readiness Centers (MFRC), the Air Force Transition Center (AFTAC), the Soldier for Life-Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP) and the Wounded Warrior Assistance Program.

The Force Development Flight consists of Air Force Education and Training, the library and Professional Development.

The Community Services Flight includes Outdoor Recreation Equipment Rental Centers, Outdoor Adventure Programs, Hillberg Ski Area, Otter Lake Recreation area, Warrior Xtreme Paintball Course, Information, Tickets and Travel, two family recreation campgrounds (Black Spruce and Family Camp), Paradise Cuts, Paradise Cafe, Polar Bowl, Moose Run Golf Courses, Arctic Oasis Community Center, Warrior Zone Community Center, PermaFrost Pub, Otter Lake Lodge, Six Mile Chalet, Trap, Skeet and Archery Range, Aero Club Flight Training Center, and the Arts and Crafts Center, which includes framing, an auto hobby center, ceramics, resale and an engraving program.

Military and Family Readiness Centers

JBER Military and Family Readiness Centers

JBER-E is in Bldg. 8535 (Log Cabin), 907-552-4943 and JBER-R (ACS) is in Bldg. 600, A-139, 907-384-1517. Their mission is to support readiness and unit retention by helping individuals and families adapt to the demands of military life and by assisting unit leadership in responding effectively to family needs. The staff provides programs and services designed to help families meet the challenges of military life in Alaska.

JBER has one of the most active Key Spouse programs in the U.S. Air Force. With more than 100 Key Spouses actively involved, this group meets and trains frequently. These Key Spouses are a valuable resource for commanders and first sergeants, ensuring that information is available to meet the needs of Air Force families at JBER.

The Hearts Apart Program provides support to families whose military member is deployed or serving a remote tour. Hearts Apart offers information and referral, personal support and group activities.

The MFRC’s Employment Education and Skills Development programs are among the best in the military. A comprehensive employment assistance program provides information and extensive referrals to the local job market, a career interest survey and a top-notch resume assistance service. Additionally, spouses can attend a number of employment seminars on everything from interviewing techniques and professional job search skills to navigating the federal government’s employment site, USAJobs.

The Air Force Transition Assistance Program (TAP) and the Soldier for Life-Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP) are designed to help active-duty people retiring or separating from the military. In addition to employment concerns, TAP counselors can assist with information on benefits and entitlements and provide links to an established network of agencies in the local area. Working closely with the state Department of Labor and the Department of Veterans Affairs, TAP helps veterans get the right information when they need it.

The MFRCs also maintain state-of- the-art resource center. The resource center provides computers and laser printers for clientele to use during all aspects of a comprehensive job search. It is equipped with resume software; application software with information for both federal and state employment; job search software including America’s Job Bank; and other resources. Help is available for using the hardware and software.

The Volunteer Resource Program provides centralized recruitment, training and recognition. Family members wishing to volunteer can meet with a staff member who will help them review options and who can provide information on the wealth of volunteer opportunities on JBER and in the local community. Volunteer coordinators also assist supervisors with volunteer placement and problem-solving.

The Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) Program is also in the center. AFAS offers loans and grants to help Air Force members meet the basic needs of day-to-day living and emergency situations. The program also offers loans and grants for special circumstances, including permanent change of station relocation and scholarships for family members.

The MFRCs also play a crucial role in base readiness by helping service members and their families, Department of Defense civilians and their families prepare for and cope with deployment, extended temporary duty and remote assignments.

The Information, Referral and Follow-up (I&R) Program inprocesses and outprocesses all newcomers, provides individual and family assessment and assistance, provides information about community resources and outreach assistance, and offers help in problem resolution.

The I&R staff can help clients find answers to unusual problems or locate information that is not readily available.

The Mobilization and Deployment (M&D) Readiness Program is managed by the Family Readiness manager and staff to promote well-informed, self-sufficient and confident Army families, reducing their stress and isolation by linking them quickly with their new community.

The M&D program manager is the primary support person for Family Readiness Group (FRG) training, coordination and liaison. The FRG is a primary communication bridge between unit commanders and family members. The program coordinator presents both regularly scheduled and special rear detachment operations training, mobilization and deployment briefings, and other special programs for Soldiers and family members. Mobilization and Deployment provides support and resources for rear detachments during deployments.

The M&D staff also promotes self-reliance by educating service members and their families about preparing families for deployment. Unit family readiness groups and rear detachment commanders are given information and training on strategies for coping with military separation.

The M&D staff provides assistance in preparing units for deployment such as briefings and information on community resources, financial preparedness, maintaining family relationships and what to expect when the deployed Soldier returns home.

The Armed Forces Family Team Building Program manager and master trainers inform family members about the military, allowing Service members and families to improve their local community. They work closely to strengthen the overall readiness of the force, teaching and promoting personal and family readiness through progressive and sequential education for everyone from newcomers to seasoned veterans. Topics vary from military customs and courtesies to leadership skills and group conflict management. Soldiers can earn promotion points by completing AFTB training in a combination of online and classroom settings.

The Joint Family Action Plan (JFAP) Program gives grassroots support to service members and their families. They work to raise issues as far as Headquarters, Department of the Army; Headquarters, Department of the Air Force; and Congress to change laws to improve the quality of life and communitywell-being when circumstances, finances and regulations block changes that could benefit the local installation. Most local JFAP issues are resolved through the local program; those that are not are forwarded up the chain of command as necessary to achieve resolution.

The MFRCs are the base focal point for Relocation Assistance. Staff members provide guidance on relocation concerns and provide information to include crossing the Canadian border, traveling across the United States and getting established in Alaska or future location. The MFRCs also have loan closets equipped with household items for temporary loan to relocating members waiting for delivery of their household goods. The program also provides an outstanding Joint Newcomer’s Orientation for service members and families arriving at JBER.

The MFRCs also boasts great Financial Readiness Programs providing information and education on financial matters. Individual consultation and classroom seminars are offered that include budget counseling, debt liquidation and credit information, consumer education and checkbook management assistance. Consumer assistance with handling deceptive, illegal or unethical business practices is also available. Financial Readiness training is also provided to all First-Term Service members. Family members are encouraged to attend.

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) provides social services support, information and advocacy to family members with special needs. EFMP links exceptional family members to proper services and, upon departure, screens them again to ensure proper services will be in place at the next duty station.

The EFMP managers advocate for and provide direct casework services to EFMP clients and follows up with them and their service providers to ensure they are receiving appropriate services. The manager maintains up-to-date and accurate information on available resources and assists EFMP clients to prepare for their next duty assignments.

Military and Family Life Consultant Program (MFLC): Need to talk? Is something different? Feeling out of control? MFLCs are available to provide short-term confidential assistance to service members and families. Call 907-384-1534 for information or assistance.

Army Emergency Relief (AER): The AER program falls under Army Support Activity. Call 907-384-1805 for information.

Child and Youth Programs

JBER Child and Youth Programs

Warfighter and Family Services Flight provides an extensive Child and Youth Program for dependent children of authorized families.

Child Development Centers:

  • Katmai, at 7181 11th Ave.
  • Denali, at 7377 15th St.
  • Sitka, at 6376 15th St.
  • Talkeetna, at Bldg. 11, 5th St.
  • Kodiak, at Bldg. 6, Chilkoot St.

All five centers have year-round programs and are equipped with large playgrounds, classrooms and kitchens used to serve breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks. All child development centers are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

The centers, through the skills of caregivers using the highest quality child care, focus on development of the “whole child.” They provide many hands-on activities with an emphasis on child-initiated play experiences. The centers participate in the USDA food program and provide nutritious meals and snacks for the children. Infants are provided formula (specific brands only) and baby food through the food program. Reservations may be made at the centers for hourly and daily care on a space-available basis. Children with special needs are mainstreamed case-by-case into the child development programs, based on individual education plans.

A Part-Day Preschool Program is available for children 3 to 5 years old. For more information, call Kodiak Child Development Center at 907-552-1510.

For information on securing child care in one of the licensed Family Child Care homes on base, call the Family Child Care office at 907-552-3995. You can obtain the current list of licensed Family Child Care providers at several locations around the base including the Military & Family Readiness Centers, the Child Development Centers, the Arctic Oasis Community Center and the FCC office. The list is updated monthly. The FCC program is always in need of people who can provide care during weekends, evenings and swing shifts and care for children with special needs. If you are interested in becoming a licensed child care provider, call the FCC office for more information.

Youth Programs

The JBER Youth Program mission is to assist DOD military and civilian personnel in balancing the competing demands of the accomplishment of the DOD mission and family life by managing and delivering a system of quality, available and affordable programs and services for eligible children and youth.Active-duty military personnel and DOD civilians perform their duties more effectively and with confidence knowing that their children are in good care. Diversified Youth Programs provide opportunities for youth to develop their physical, social, emotional and cognitive abilities and to experience achievement, leadership, enjoyment, friendship and recognition.

All youth activities require a valid Youth Programs membership. In addition to paying the membership fee, the parent or guardian must complete a Youth Activities Application (AF Form 88) and/or applicable registration forms. Membership must be renewed annually.

Nonmembers may use Youth Programs facilities as a guest for a maximum of five visits before becoming a member. Guest passes are not valid during school holidays/breaks or special events; additional nonmember rates will apply for these activities.

Youth and Teen Centers

  • Kennecott, at 6104 Carswell Ave.
  • Two Rivers, at 297 Sixth St.

JBER Youth Programs are affiliated with Boys & Girls Clubs of America and 4-H. Recreational and educational programming focuses on five core areas: Character & Leadership, The Arts, Sports, Fitness & Recreation, Health & Life Skills, and Education & Career Development. The Teen Center Programs are located in the Youth Centers and offer leadership development, employment skills and service learning opportunities in a positive environment.

Youth Sports and Instructional Programs are hosted in various locations throughout our joint base and include baseball, flag football, basketball, cheerleading, indoor and outdoor soccer, girls’ softball, gymnastics, dance and tae kwon do. The Youth & Teen Center programs also include field trips, dances, specialized clubs, arts & crafts, games, holiday activities, community wide events and much more.

School-Age Care Programs

SAC Programs are a full-service child care program for children in kindergarten through 12 years of age providing service before and after-school hours. The School-Age Program adjusts to a full day program during winter, spring and summer breaks, and in-service days. The School-Age Programs offer a wide range of physical as well as quiet activities. Power Hour, homework assistance, library and computer labs are available. STEM programs, leisure and recreation, theater and arts programs are offered as well as fun field trips. There is something for all ages and interests.

Ketchikan School-Age Care Program is at 7163 11th St. on JBER-Elmendorf. 907-552-5091

Illa School-Age Care Program is at 36100 Davis Highway on JBER-Richardson. 907-384-1068

Outreach Services

Outreach Services offers child care support services for families and agencies of the community. For safety and health purposes, children and youths of all ages must enroll before using this service.

Staff members are available to help parents determine which programs can best meet their family’s needs. For parents needing off-post child care, staff can offer information and referral services.

For information regarding enrollment procedures or any other OS information, call 907-384-7330. Children with special medical or educational concerns are referred to the Special Needs Assessment Accommodation Process before being allowed to attend CY programs. The primary function of the SNAPteam is to ensure each child is placed in the environment that most appropriately meets all of his or her needs. Special emphasis is placed on providing consistent care for each child in a safe, healthy and nonrestrictive environment. Parents are invited to attend and participate in the team meeting scheduled to review the child’s needs. The EFMP coordinator and the Army Public Health nurse are integral members of this team.

Short-term alternate child care programs and special child care openings can be made available to meet the surge child care needs of the community. Surge care is provided when an excessive number of children need care during a specific time period, such as during a community meeting like the Army Family Action Plan conference or during a special unit function.

The OS director will work with the unit or agency to meet special unit child care needs during most functions, such as a unit ball or field day. For information, call the OS director at 907-384-1014.

Fitness Facilities

JBER Fitness Facilities

JBER-Elmendorf Fitness Center

The spacious 107,000-square-foot fitness center at 9510 22nd St. offers three full-length basketball courts, six racquetball courts and a 9,000-square-foot weight room that includes 54 weight machines, 98 pieces of plate-loaded benches and eight dumbbell sets from 5 to 150 pounds. There are three specialized training areas with 162 treadmills, cross-trainers, upright and recumbent bikes, and stepmills and steppers. Stretching and sit-up areas are available as well as a boxing room.

A 1/10th-mile indoor running track with Olympic-quality running surface and banked corners was added with the renovation. The track has been certified for physical training testing. Aerobic conditioning includes 27 classes per week in spinning, circuit training, kickboxing, water aerobics and step aerobics. Other classes include yoga, fit ball core conditioning and Pilates. The locker rooms have new stadium lockers with two lockable areas to secure valuables. The women’s locker room has 133 lockers, and the men’s has 212. There are saunas in both locker rooms.

The fitness center is also the point of contact for all intramural, extramural and varsity sports. The center even has a 25-yard, seven-lane swimming pool that features open and lap swim times, a youth swim team, scuba diving certifications with PADI and swim lessons for infants through adults. A giant slide, diving board and other pool equipment create a fun atmosphere for everyone. Outdoor fitness facilities include a football and soccer field and two softball fields. Call 908-552-5353 for more information.

JBER-Richardson Buckner Physical Fitness Center

The Buckner Physical Fitness Center, Bldg.690 at Sixth and D streets, offers a six-lane, 25-yard, indoor swimming pool with a 3-meter platform, 1-meter diving board, water slide and hot tub. It also has three basketball and volleyball courts, two racquetball courts, group fitness and Zumba classes, twocircuit-weight training areas, a free-weight area, cardiovascular exercise machines and an ice skating rink with a warming hut. Sauna and steam rooms are available in both men’s and women’s locker rooms. Four tanning booths and a certified personal trainer are available on a fee basis. The equipment-issue counter and facility staff can meet most needs within the fitness center. Snacks, beverages and other items, including tanning and swimming supplies, are available for purchase.

The sports office’s complete intramural sports program for Soldiers includes 29 events for men and women in the annual Commander’s Cup competition. The fitness center operates year-round and includes the more popular seasonal sports such as flag football, basketball, softball, soccer, volleyball, racquetball, swimming and broomball. The pool offers swimming classes for adults and children, and other activities include water aerobics classes, physical therapy and inner tube water polo. Additional programs include lap swimming, military training and pool party reservations.

For more information, call 907-384-1308 (front desk), 907-384-1304 or 907-384-1306 (sports office), or 907-384-1301 (pool office).

The fitness center is open 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekends and holidays. Pool hours are 6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. weekends and holidays.

Eagleglen Fitness Park

Cross-country skiing enthusiasts will find about 11.5 miles of marked, groomed cross-country ski trails in the winter. Skis will be issued at the park free 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. seven days a week, with the skis required to be turned in no later than 3 p.m. Pet owners must leave their pets at home. During thecross-country ski season, joggers, walkers and cyclists are required to stay off the marked and groomed ski trails. Trails are always open, making the park a ski-at-your-own-risk activity.

Food Facilities

JBER Food Facilities

The 673d Force Support Squadron operates the following food services on JBER-Elmendorf as part of the Air Force Food Transformation Initiative (FTI), managed by ARAMARK, the FTI contractor.

  • The Iditarod Dining Facility at 8088 25th St. sits in a wooded setting behind Glacier Hall dormitory and is open to anyone with base access and at the 673d Air Base Wing commander’s discretion. Hours can be found at or at the contract site of The menus are posted on the sites. The Iditarod seats 379 customers.
  • The Flight Kitchen within the Iditarod Dining Facility provides flight meals to aircrew (officer and enlisted) departing JBER and passengers (officer, enlisted, retiree and dependents) on these aircraft. Ground support box meals are also available for enlisted personnel unable to eat at the dining halls due to working conditions. Civilians are not authorized to use this facility unless a policy waiver is approved by the 673d ABW commander. The Flight Kitchen is open for box lunch meals 24/7.
  • Provisions on Demand (POD) is on the flightline, Bldg. 16710, and is open to all personnel with flightline access. It is a “grab and go” facility providing hot and cold meals, snacks and beverages 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The POD is also open on UTA weekends and is an authorized ESM facility.

The following NAF food facilities are open to anyone with base access and also are authorized dining areas for ESM Airmen:

  • T-Bar Grill at the Hillberg Ski Area is operated during ski season only.
  • Paradise Cafe in the Arctic Oasis Community Center operates year-round.
  • Pico ’n Salsa is open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Ten Pins/Topio’s (in the Polar Bowl) is open 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Wednesday; 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday; 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday; and 1 to 8 p.m. Sunday.

The 673d Force Support Squadron operates the following food establishments on JBER-Richardson and is not part of FTI:

Leisure & Recreation

JBER Leisure and Recreation

Polar Express Arts & Crafts Center Automotive Skills Center

Polar Express Arts & Crafts Center: The Arts & Crafts center is in Bldg. 755 at the corner of Second and D streets on JBER-Richardson. It is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week. You can also find us online. The Arts & Crafts center offers do-it-yourself picture framing, custom picture framing, laser engraving, ceramics, pottery, glass fusion and yarn crafts. Classes and one-on-one instruction is available for framing, ceramics, glass fusion and pottery.

Assistance and advice are available from well-trained and friendly staff members. The picture framing shop carries a variety of frames, mats, foam core and glass in stock and has the ability to special order custom framing materials. The engraving shop can do custom engraving on wood, plastic, glass, metal plates and other in-stock items. You can also bring items to have engraved. The multicrafts shop has the ceramic pick and paint program, ceramic molds, pottery wheels, clays, glazes, kilns and glass working tools to complete a variety of projects. The shop also has space available for parties and group functions. For more information and classes, call 907-384-3717 to speak to one our staff members.

A fully equipped woodshop is open on Saturdays and Sundays. The woodshop safety certification is offered on Fridays. Call 907-384-3717 for more information.

Automotive Skills Center: The Auto Skills Center is in Bldg. 755 at the corner of Second and D streets on JBER-Richardson. It is open 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. The Auto Skills Center has seven vehicle lift bays and seven flat bays available for small repairs or complete vehicle overhauls. The shop has hand tools, power tools and air tools to complete any job. Computer hubs have Mitchell 1 and Identifix online repair manuals.

The machine shop does decking, milling, boring, honing, rod refinishing and valve jobs. The welding shop has Oxy/Act, AC/DC stick, plasma cutter, steel MIG, aluminum MIG, steel TIG and aluminum TIG. Mechanics and auto workers are on duty to assist you in all your car repair needs. Secured and unsecured short-term storage is available beside the Auto Skills Center. There is a 24/7 do-it-yourself car wash with three bays, two vacuums and a dollar changer. The For Sale Lot is located on JBER-Elmendorf off Fighter Drive.

Aero Club

The best way to get out and see The Great Land is by air, and the best way to get airborne is with the Aero Club. Whether it’s hunting, fishing, flightseeing or training, the Aero Club is the best choice for “getting there.” The Aero Club is an FAA-certified flight training center and provides aircraft rental opportunities for the recreational pilot. The club is in Bldg. 10-286, Taxiway P in Hangar 7.

The Aero Club offers services similar to a full-service fixed-base operator, and membership allows a person to use the airplanes and facilities to pursue general aviation interests. The Aero Club fleet consists of three Cessna 172s, one Cessna 182, one Cessna 172RG (retractable gear), and two floatplanes (Cessna 172 and 185), all four-place aircraft. The club also has a Piper Seneca II six-seat, twin-engine aircraft. The fleet is available for recreational flying and flight training.

The Aero Club also offers services to members who own aircraft, including tie-downs, 24-hour fuel availability and a heated hangar for winter pre-heating.

The Flight Training Center (FTC) offers flight and ground training from private pilot through airline transport pilot, as well as single-engine seaplane training. The Flight School is authorized under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 141 FTC for education benefits by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (GIBill), Air Force tuition assistance (TA) and the Alaska Student Loan Program. More detailed information is on the Aero Club website.


The Polar Bowl at 7176 Fighter Drive, across the street from the Lodging Office, is the largest bowling center in the Air Force and the only bowling center on JBER. Equipped with 40 lanes, automatic scorers, lockers, an arcade, two food establishments and a lounge, Polar Bowl offers fun for the whole family.

Birthday party packages, weekly events, lunchtime and monthly specials to include Neon bowling, Dollar Days and Unlimited Bowling are offered at Polar Bowl. Open bowling is available during regular hours of operation. Intramural, mixed, and youth leagues as well as a variety of tournaments take place throughout the long winter.

The PolArcade offers fun games like Deal or No Deal, Big Buck Hunter, GoldZone, NASCAR Racing and more.

Topio’s and Ten Pins, operated by Aramark, offer pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs with gourmet toppings, salads and kids menu.

Check out the drink specials at The Igloo Lounge inside Polar Bowl. The Igloo Lounge is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, May through August. From September through April the lounge is open Thursday through Monday evenings.

Polar Bowl is open Thursday through Sunday from May through August, and Thursday through Monday from September through April. Call 907-753-PINS (7467) for more information.


The PermaFrost Pub is in the basement of the Arctic Warrior Event Center (AWEC) and is a great venue for fun, parties and other events.

Club Membership Cardholders will be happy to know there is a 10 percent FSS benefit card at JBER for clubs and a number of other FSS programs on base. Club card transfers and other card issues are handled at Bldg. 10480, JBER-Elmendorf. See the NAF Accounting Office or call 907-552-4376. For all new card sign-ups, applications can be obtained at almost any FSS program or by calling 907-384-7619 for more information.

Community Center: Arctic Oasis

The Arctic Oasis Community Center at 9497 20th St. provides a meeting place for activities including table tennis, foosball, video games, pool, darts, board games, microgolf, an indoor archery range, an indoor skate park, indoor playgrounds for big and small children, full swing golf, a cyber cafe and a24-foot rock climbing wall. The center also features Nautilus equipment, stair steppers, treadmills and lifecycles. Also in the building are Information, Tickets and Travel; the Paradise Cafe; and Paradise Cuts.

The center has yearly activities for the entire family such as Breakfast with Santa, the Fall Fest, the Holiday Photo Shoot, the Holiday Card Contest, the Mission Audition for Tops in Blue and more. Many classes are offered throughout the year for the entire family or the military member such as martial arts, music, dance (belly or ballroom), circuit training and piano lessons. The Ballooney Bin is a specialty balloon service within the Arctic Oasis Community Center where you can choose from five special-occasion bouquets or create your own. There are more than 60 Mylar balloons to choose from, as well as a wide variety of latex balloons.

If keeping in touch with those far and near through email is your cup of tea, then the Cyber Cafe is the place to be. The cafe has computers with online access to any net-based personal email account. While the computers are an excellent means of keeping in contact with others, they are also a great way to browse the internet for research or for fun. Call the center at 907-552-8529 for more information.


ITT is a full-service leisure travel office that also has information on tours and activities in and around Anchorage. Located at 9497 20th St. in the Arctic Oasis Community Center, ITT’s services include information on air reservations, car reservations, hotel accommodations, tours and cruises. Among the many opportunities offered, usually at a discount, are Alyeska Ski Area tram and lift tickets, Hilltop Ski Area tickets, movie passes, Seward cruises, Alaska Railroad tickets, Anchorage Museum tickets, Alaska Native Heritage Center tickets and many more leisure attractions. If you’re planning a vacation in Alaska or the Lower 48, visit ITT for tickets and travel information. Travel services can also be accessed at for those who want to take advantage of ITT’s services from the convenience of home. For more information, call 907-753-2378 or DSN 317-552-0297.

Community & Activity Center: Warrior Zone

The Warrior Zone Community Activity Center in Bldg. 655 is an adult facility for active duty and Reservists, dependents and retirees 18 years or older, 17 with active or Reserve ID card. The facility includes a Cyber Zone with free internet access, 32 business computers with CAC card readers. Nine pool tables, two ping pong tables, foosball, five regulation dart boards, two corn hole games, miniature golf and gaming room with 12 TVs and two projectors. Xbox 360s, Xbox Ones and PlayStation 3s are available in the facility along with 30 to 70 games for each console.

There is also a mini theater room with 83-inch TV and surround sound, and five private TV rooms supported with over 400 DVDs and/or HD cable. The Warrior Zone is a free use facility with a small snack bar with microwavable foods, candy, soft drinks and beer available for purchase, it also has a CDrepair service that can fix most issues for a nominal fee. The Lounge area is available for social and professional gatherings without exclusivity. It is also home to the Better Opportunities for Single Service Members (BOSS) and the Joint Base Against Drunk Driving program (JBADD).


The Moose Run Golf Course has two 18-hole courses, making Moose Run the “northernmost 36-hole golf course in the world.” Moose Run’s original 18 holes is the Hill Course, constructed in 1952 as a nine-hole course with nine more holes added in 1955. This wooded course has spruce and birch trees and was rated by Golf Digest as third-best in state in 1995-1996 and 1997-1998.

The Creek Course was built with the most up-to-date construction techniques. This 7,324-yard, par-72, 18-hole course crosses Ship Creek several times for challenging golf and incredible views of the Chugach Mountains. The Creek Course has been ranked among the top 10 military golf courses worldwide as well as being ranked No. 1 in Alaska. In addition to the playing courses, Moose Run offers a driving range, three practice putting greens, a chipping green and two short-iron hitting areas. The clubhouse has a large deck offering unrestricted views of Mount Susitna and the 18th hole of the Hill Course, a snack bar, a fully stocked golf shop, rental clubs, carts and cars. The facility typically opens in mid-May and closes between late September and mid-October. Moose Run is east of the main gate on Arctic Valley Road. For more information, call 907-428-0056.

Off-road Trails

An off-road trail system for ATVs and BMX motorcycles lies on the north side of the Davis Highway. When riding, always watch for hikers and wildlife. Remember to stay off the cross-country ski trails in the winter. Permits for an ATV may be obtained at the Richardson Gate Visitor Control Center. Fishing and hunting permits are also available at the Visitor Control Center. For more information, call 907-384-2961.

Outdoor Adventure Program

The Outdoor Adventure Program (OAP) is offered by Outdoor Recreation to allow service members and their families to safely experience the wonders of Alaska. This is a one-of-a-kind program offered to our military family. The OAP prides itself on scheduling trips to meet specific customer needs. The experienced guides can take you on excursions designed for beginners up to those desiring a truly advanced Alaska adventure.

The OAP provides guided trips that range from kayaking among icebergs to glacier traversing and ice climbing, from white water rafting to family float trips into the Alaska bush. It runs ATV, snowmachine, mountain bike and rock climbing trips that allow you to experience the Alaska only seen in books. Gear is provided for most of the trips. The OAP guides have a vast knowledge of the local area, extensive expertise and serve as the primary source of information for those that want to go into the back country on their own. The guides can also provide information on where to go to fish, what trails to take, where to go rock climbing and how to stay out of trouble in the outdoors. They further serve their community by providing classes to military units and families on topics such as boating safety, bear awareness, wilderness survival, rock climbing, kayaking and ATV safety certification. The OAP also has kayaks, rafts and satellite phones for rent for those who qualify to rent them. OAP can be reached at 907-552-4599/3812 for additional information or visit its Facebook page.

Boating, Camping and Lakes


Because boating in Alaska can be exciting and also extremely dangerous, you must pay special attention to the environment and know what to do in case of an unforeseen situation. The ocean water temperatures are generally in the 40-degree range with tides of more than 20 feet. Alaska rivers are mostly glacier fed and extremely cold and dangerous. Because of these risky conditions, you will be required to go through mandatory boating safety training. The training is specific for the type of boat you are wanting to reserve and must be completed prior to rental. This training is offered through the Outdoor Recreation Centers. For ocean-going boats, river boats and Jon/canoe rentals call 907-384-1475 May through September.


The Outdoor Recreation Program runs two RV and family camping sites. The first one, known as Fam-Camp, is near the JBER Hospital and has 60 camper/RV spaces, 10 tent sites and an overflow area. Electric and water hook-ups are available. Pets are allowed, and there is a camp host if you have any questions or need assistance during your stay. Facilities include an on-site laundry, playground, sewage dump and showers. The camp operates with full service from mid-May to September and is open in the winter with limited services. No reservations are required and/or taken. Fam-Camp is a first-come,first-serve activity.

The second site is Black Spruce on Otter Lake Road, which is in the picturesque woods of JBER. It also operates on a first-come, first-serve basis, with priority given to service members who need accommodations due to PCS moves. The camp is open May through September, and there are 45 sites with complete RV hook-ups, tent camping, and sites equipped with barbecue pits and picnics tables. The camp also has a shower, laundry facilities and a playground. For more information call Outdoor Recreation at 907-552-2023.


The Outdoor Recreation Program also encompasses several other facilities on base. It oversees such facilities as the Otter Lake complex, which is an outdoor recreation area amid spruce and birch trees with a beautiful view of the mountains. It is an ideal place for a unit or family party, picnics and camping. The Otter Lake Boating Facility rents kayaks, Jon boats, paddle boats, canoes and row boats for use on the lake during the summer and can be reached at 907-384-6245 for further information.

When the lake freezes in winter, it becomes a fantastic spot for ice skating and ice fishing. Also available at Otter Lake are several cabins for rent that overlook the lake. There are several other lakes such as Six Mile, Hillberg, Clunie and Waldon lakes that are stocked by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and provide excellence trout and salmon fishing. For those using the lakes other than Otter you will need to get the Sportsman recreation access permit. For more information about the Sportsman and to register for the permit visit or call our Conservation Officers at907-552-8609 or 907-552 9545.

The Otter Lake Lodge is operated by the Otter Lake Boating Facility during summer and the Hillberg Ski Area during winter. This is available for rent year-round and can host events from weddings to official training and functions. Visit the website for detailsor call 907-854-1734 for reservations.

Outdoor Recreation Center

Members of the military in Alaska are known to be avid adventurers, and our command has taken the steps to ensure that service members and their families have a place to go to be well equipped for the outdoors. JBER Outdoor Recreation can outfit you for most any activity from fishing, skiing and camping gear to 22-foot ocean boats and camper trailers. Service members and their families have a place to challenge the outdoors at a moderate price. The Outdoor Recreation Program is home-based in Bldg. 7301 on 13th Street and offers just about everything needed for recreational activities, equipment rental and services to enjoy the outdoors. The large Outdoor Recreation Center acts as the hub for many services and locations on JBER that cover summer and winter activities. These activities include guided trips, instructional classes, equipment rental, boat rental, a ski slope, lake activities, paintball, cabin rental and much more. The center is open seven days a week summer and winter. Please contact or 907-552-2030 for the most current information and hours.

Equipment Rental

The Equipment Rental Issue facility operates rentals out of two locations during summer, and both facilities are open seven days a week. Bldg. 7301 carries items for rent such as fishing gear, mountain bikes, rafts, kayaks, camping gear, lawn care items, bouncy houses, chairs and picnic items for rent. Bldg. 794 on the Richardson side provides the big summer rental items such as RVs, camper trailers, fresh water and salt water boats and limited picnic and fish gear. The number to call is 907-384-1475.

During winter, Outdoor Recreation operations puts Richardson ORC, Bldg. 794 into hibernation and runs out of its primary facility, Bldg. 7301. The center will morph from its summer rentals to a one-stop agency for winter equipment. It carries items such as cross-country skis, sleds and ice augers used to bore holes in the ice for fishing, snowshoes, snow blowers and many other items to make your winter in Alaska fun.


The Warrior Extreme Paintball Facility has a 2.5-acre wooded course offering a location for units to conduct small unit tactics training. The paintball course is also open for special parties and events, which can be coordinated through the Otter Lake Boat Facility. The course opens mid-May and closes in September or when the weather requires early closure. The course is used by reservation only and is located just past the Otter Lake Boat Facility. For more information, call 907-384-6245.

Skeet, Trap and Archery Ranges

Shooting sports in Alaska provide service members and family members a healthy, fun way to stay sharp, enjoy the outdoors and share important time. The installation provides intramural and recreational leagues, shoots sponsored by the National Skeet Shooters Association as well as “fun” shoots. Ranges are equipped with outdoor lights to keep the fun happening year-round. Ammunition sales, gun rentals and shooting supplies are available.

The range is near the Davis Highway. Four skeet and three trap ranges are on-site as well as a snack bar. An archery range with 10-, 20-, 30-, 40- and 50-yard target boxes is available (field points only). Targets can be rented from the skeet range, or you can use your own. For schedules and information, call 907-384-1480.

Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice Skating and Tubing

The Hillberg Ski Area at 23400 41st St. is nestled at the back of the base and features beginner and intermediate terrain with a double chairlift, T-bar, handle tow and tubing tow. A spacious lodge accommodates your every need with a fireplace lounge, snack bar and gear rental shop. A small pro shop provides retail goods such as hats, goggles, gloves and accessories. Certified technicians can take care of all your ski and snowboard maintenance needs.

Downhill ski and snowboard equipment can be rented at Hillberg as a daily or seasonal rental. Skis and snowboards are available for the entire family.

Hillberg offers skiing and snowboarding lessons by reservations and caters to all ages and abilities. Our goal is for everyone to safely enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Hillberg is open from November to March.

Our tubing hill has up to six lanes with two tow lifts. We offer tubing party sessions, available upon reservation. It’s great fun for everyone! For more information, please call 907-552-4838.

Other Destinations

JBER Other Destinations

Seward Military Resort

With its year-round lodging, seasonal campsites, yurts and RV parking nestled in a pristine setting, the Seward Military Resort is the ultimate Alaska recreation destination for active-duty or retired military personnel, DOD civilians and their guests.

The resort is 125 miles south of Anchorage in Seward on the beautiful Kenai Peninsula. Adjacent to Resurrection Bay, surrounded by the magnificent Kenai Fjords National Park, Harding Icefield and the natural beauty of the Chugach National Forest, Seward Resort is the perfect launch pad for your Alaska adventure.

Deep-sea fishing, wildlife and glacier cruises, kayaking, whitewater rafting, glacier treks and dogsled rides are just a few of the recreational opportunities you book through Seward Military Resort. For more information visit or call 907-224-5559 or 800-770-1858.

Valdez Glacier Campground

The Valdez Glacier Campground in scenic Valdez is operated though Fort Greely’s Outdoor Recreation program. The campground is open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.

Valdez is about 260 miles south of Fort Greely and about 300 miles from JBER. The campground is at the base of the Chugach Mountains beneath the famous Valdez Glacier, and the glacier runoff provides a beautiful waterfall that cascades into a crystal clear creek.

Campground visitors will be struck by its beauty and grandeur and can watch mountain goats graze on the steep slopes overlooking the campground. Amenities include 70 standard campsites, 14 pull-through sites, 13 RV pads with electric, sewer and water hookups, and eight rental RVs with full hookups. Coin-operated showers are available.

Each site has a picnic table and fire grill. A covered pavilion and two day use areas are available to all patrons. Six outhouses and garbage dumpsters are provided. We have a full stock of rental equipment on-site, including tents, sleeping bags, bikes and more.

Pets on leashes are welcome in the campground but are not allowed in the rental RVs. The MWR fishing boat is also available during the summer season and operates out of the Valdez small boat harbor. Valid Alaska fishing licenses are required for all persons above the age of 12 participating in a fishing trip.

For all trips there is a minimum of four and a maximum of six people. Sightseeing trips are booked only upon the availability of the boat and may not be reserved in advance. The campground is open to the public; however, military and affiliates receive discounted rates. Fishing trips and rental RVs are available to military and affiliates only.

Phone: 907-873-4311; Email:; Website:


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