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Barstow - Welcome

Welcome to Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow. You will soon become an integral part of the MCLB Barstow team, serving along with approximately 120 fellow active-duty Marines, sailors and 1,700 civilians.

MCLB Barstow is located halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas on Inters...

Barstow - History

MCLB, presently the second-largest employer in the Barstow area, was established as the Marine Corps Depot of Supplies at its present location on Dec. 28, 1942, when the Navy turned it over to the Marine Corps as a storage site for supplies and equipment needed for Fleet Marine Forces in the Pacific...

Barstow - Organizations

Defense Logistics Agency — Distribution Barstow
DLA Distribution Barstow California is a Defense Logistics Agency co-located depot under the command of the Defense Distribution Center (DDC).

DLA Distribution is made up of distribution facilities at two locations eight miles apart, Nebo...

Barstow - Services

Command Religious Program
The Office of the Chaplain is open Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. During off-duty hours, the chaplain is available for emergencies only and can be reached through the base duty officer (BDO) at (760) 577-6961. For more information about CRP activities a...

Barstow - Community Services

The Marine Corps Community Services Department is the “Quality of Life” provider for the Marine Corps. Its mission is to provide fitness and recreation programs, personal services, and business activities in direct support of individual and family readiness and retention. ...

Barstow - Local Area

Barstow, “Gateway to the great mysterious desert,” has more to offer than meets the eye. Do not underestimate what this town has to offer. Everywhere there are surprises. Volcanic cinder cones, booming sand dunes, historic and modern mines, rock formations etched with me...