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The MCAS Miramar School Liaison program offers the tools to enhance learning and support military children as they successfully navigate the many transitions unique to a military lifestyle. For more information, call 858-577-6633 or 858-577-8625.

Professional Military Education: The Marine Corps University regional coordinator is aboard MCAS Miramar at building 6022. Contact the College of Distance Education and Training at 858-577-1373/74 for more information about services and support.

Special Education: There are 15 schools within San Diego Unified for physically and academically challenged students. Federal and state laws require all public school districts to provide free, appropriate and individualized education for all handicapped children. Both federal and state legislation mandate timeliness for referral, assessment, certification, placement and provisions of appropriate services to all students with exceptional needs. Instruction varies, according to the needs of each student passed on individual plan. Parents will be asked to participate in planning the specific program for their child. Within San Diego Unified, about 10 percent of the total student enrollment, totaling about 12,000 students, receives some sort of special education service.

All special education teachers are certified by the state for the specific education they provide to handicapped children. The Special Education Parent Facilitator Program oversees the program in San Diego City Schools and helps parents of handicapped children and facilitators employed by the district to provide education. For additional information on special education program, call 800-695-0285 or write to:

National Information Center for
Children and Youth with Handicaps
P.O. Box 1492
Washington, DC 20013


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