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Welcome Letters

Welcome aboard! Since 1943, the men and women of Naval Air Station (NAS) Oceana, Dam Neck Annex and Naval Auxiliary Landing Field Fentress have provided world-class service to the fleet, our fighters and their families. My staff will honor our heritage by always striving to provide exceptional support to

Welcome Aboard

Welcome to NAS Oceana and Dam Neck Annex. We take pride in providing outstanding service to all newcomers. Whatever your status — military, family member, DOD employee, student or retiree — we are committed to providing you the highest quality programs, facilities and services available. As one of the

NAS Oceana History

Through the post-World War II years, the little station that started in an inaccessible area of Oceana grew with naval aviation. Initially commissioned as Naval Auxiliary Air Station Oceana on Aug. 17, 1943, the need for more runways and training grew so quickly that by 1952, Oceana had become

Newcomer's Information

Preplanning is essential for newcomers moving to NAS Oceana or Dam Neck Annex, whether for a permanent change of station, a temporary duty assignment or a school tour. There are a number of actions that military members should take as soon as they receive permanent change of station (PCS)


Housing Services are available at the Navy Housing Service Center (NHSC) to assist military and Department of Defense (DOD) personnel and their families in finding a home in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. The center is located at 1596 Tomcat Boulevard, Bldg. #280 onboard NAS Oceana. Hours of

Fleet and Family Support

FLEET AND FAMILY SUPPORT CENTER — OCEANA 1896 Laser Road, Building 531, Suite 120 Virginia Beach, VA 23460 Phone 757-433-2912 (DSN) 433-2912 Fax 757-433-2017 Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Friday, closed Saturday and Sunday (available evenings and weekends, upon command request)

Health Care

Branch health clinics and dental services are available at both NAS Oceana and Dam Neck Annex. The Oceana Clinic provides primary health care to active-duty and retired military, their spouses and civil service employees requiring care associated with occupational health issues. The Dam Neck Clinic provides support to active-duty


Virginia Beach has 56 elementary schools, 14 middle schools, 11 high schools and a number of secondary/postsecondary specialty centers, including the Renaissance Academy, Advanced Technology Center, Technical and Career Education Center, and Adult Learning Center. Auxiliaries include the Adult Learning Center, Virginia Beach Central Academy, Open Campus, Advanced Technology

Morale, Welfare & Recreation

The Navy’s Morale, Welfare & Recreation program administers a variety of recreation, social and community support activities on U.S. Navy facilities worldwide. Our mission is to provide quality of life through entertainment, recreation, dining facilities and fitness. We offer a number of recreational services and things to do that

Other Services at NAS Oceana

Although not located on base, the American Red Cross is available just a phone call away to help military members handle emergencies. Its Armed Forces Emergency Services is the worldwide program through which emergency communications, financial assistance and case work services are provided to members of the United State


F/A-18A/C HORNET The McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet is a high-performance tactical airplane that can be operated from either aircraft carriers or land bases. It is a single-seat, twin-engine aircraft that can undertake fighter, attack and reconnaissance missions. Two-seat Hornets are produced for pilot training and support roles. The excellent

Deployable Fleet Units

There are currently 10 U.S. Navy carrier air wings: five based on the East Coast at NAS Oceana; four based on the West Coast at NAS Lemoore, California; and one forward deployed to NAF Atsugi, Japan. Each carrier air wing is organized, equipped and trained to conduct carrier air

Shore Units

STRIKE FIGHTER WING ATLANTIC Strike Fighter Wing Atlantic’s mission is to provide U.S. Atlantic Fleet commanders with combat-ready F/A-18 strike fighter squadrons that are fully trained, properly manned, well-maintained and supported. It is commanded by a Navy captain, who is also known as the wing commodore. The wing staff

Fleet Support

AIR OPERATIONS This is the heartbeat of a vital and dynamic master jet base. The Air Operations Department of NAS Oceana is comprised of air traffic control, airfield facilities and ground electronics personnel. With more than 6 miles of runway, its operational tempo can sustain a takeoff or landing

Dam Neck Annex

The NAS Oceana Dam Neck Annex is along the Atlantic coast, 5 miles south of the Virginia Beach resort area. Dam Neck rests on more than 1,700 acres of highlands, marshes, coastal beaches and sand dunes with 3.2 miles of some of the most beautiful beachfront in Virginia. Dam

Dam Neck Tenant Commands

CENTER FOR PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (CPPD) The Center for Personal and Professional Development (CPPD) was established May 30, 2008, at Dam Neck Annex. This command serves as the central authority for U.S. Navy training for leadership, and professional and personal development training and support. By providing the best


NAS Oceana and Dam Neck Annex are within the city limits of the world’s largest resort city, Virginia Beach, Va., giving station and squadron personnel the opportunities afforded by a resort area. The leading summer attraction at Virginia Beach is the 6 miles of sandy beach lined by a


Chief Billingsley Stays Navy

Story by Robin Holland on 02/24/2017 Billingsley is the son of Kenneth and Grace Scott, Adamsville, AL. He has been in the Navy for more than 15 years and he earned the rank of Chief Petty Officer in only 11 years. As a young Chief, he has earned three Navy

GHWB Carrier Strike Group to Depart for Deployment

Story by Robert Gensic on 01/21/2017 Led by Commander, Carrier Strike Group 2, Rear Adm. Kenneth R. Whitesell, the GHWBCSG is comprised of the staff of CSG-2; USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77); the nine squadrons and staff of Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 8; Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) 22 staff and

GHWB Carrier Strike Group to Depart for Deployment

Story by Robert Gensic on 01/21/2017 Led by Commander, Carrier Strike Group 2, Rear Adm. Kenneth R. Whitesell, the GHWBCSG is comprised of the staff of CSG-2; USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77); the nine squadrons and staff of Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 8; Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) 22 staff and
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