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Our Military-Friendly Advertiser Database is available to all visitors on, as well as the MBG Mobile App. Service members, their families, veterans, base contractors and civilians alike will find your business by name, category, or keyword. You can increase the likelihood that your business will be found in relevant searches by providing us with additional business details through your secure logon to our Content Management System (CMS).

From Your Computer

Each installation's page on has a search box in the right hand column to allow visitors to search for nearby business who support the Military. The results page for a search brings up your business' name, phone number, link to your website and a map with exact distance from the the base.

From Your Mobile Device

Our user-friendly mobile search can be found by visiting You can also download and install our Android , iOSor Windows Phone apps by searching your mobile phone market for “MyBaseGuide” or by clicking the image below on your phone or tablet.

Contact Us

Fill out the form on our Contact Us page and our Advertising Specialist for your region will be in touch shortly to further discuss your advertising options.

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