Family uses own tragedy to spread awareness

Suicide is an unfortunate reality that many experts strive to expand their knowledge and data on every day. People who have been around this reality generally know more than others. One Dyess Airman recently married his wife, and also gained her three children. In doing so he gained four people
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Deployment initiative revamps 18 year ops tempo

Story by A1C Aaron Irvin on 09/20/2019 The 19th Airlift Wing from Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas, partnered with the 317th AW from Dyess Air Force Base, Texas, to create the 4/12 deployment initiative, signifying the first time since September 11, 2001, that entire units from these wings will
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Whiteman AFB B-2 pilot follows grandfather, father's footsteps

Story by SSgt Kayla White on 09/20/2019 Honoring heritage is an important part of Air Force service. For many Airmen, understanding the dedication and sacrifices made by the men and women before them is what drives them to bring their best to the fight. For one B-2 Spirit pilot from
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Trail Blazers deploy, have more family time

Story by SSgt David Owsianka on 09/16/2019 Airmen from the 39th Airlift Squadron deployed to Bagram, Afghanistan, and Djibouti, Africa, from Dyess Air Force Base, Texas, Sept. 9, as part of the first full squadron deployment for C-130J Super Hercules Airmen in over a decade. "Having the whole squadron deploy
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Airman overcomes abuse, walks new path

Story by SSgt David Owsianka on 09/12/2019 His face turned dark blue from a lack of oxygen as he lied underneath the water at the bottom of a bathtub. This was his time, his way out, his escape from all the pain. He was only eight years old. Jordan only
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Whiteman AFB lieutenant leads BTF Europe SF element, leaves lasting legacy

Story by SSgt Kayla White on 09/12/2019 Many books are written which detail the trials and victories that forge a military leader's career path. Biographies and autobiographies alike provide a retrospective look at lessons learned, key takeaways and the memorable moments that shaped them as they stepped into each successive
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