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Hampton Roads Marines Compete in Regional HITT Preliminary Competition

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Story by Cpl Logan Snyder on 06/29/2017
The preliminaries are held for active-duty Marines to have a shot at being the best in their area and then to go on to the national competition and compete to be the best in the country.
The events the Marines competed against each other in were the prone three-cone drill, prone agility drill, kneeling powerball throw, board jump, 25-yard dash, and the 300-yard shuttle.
"The events the competitors do today will be the same events that are held at the national competition," said Chris Harper, HITT coordinator at Camp Allen. "We're here to find the best of the best."
The events were scored with the winner receiving ten points, six points for second place, three points for third place, and the rest of the competitors receive one point.
"I am constantly training and striving for perfection in physical fitness. I want to be a good role model for the Marine underneath me and to challenge and inspire all the Marines around me so I thought I would give this a shot," said Staff Sgt. William Hobson, operations chief, G-1, U.S. Marine Corps Forces Command.
This year five Marines competed in the Hampton Roads preliminary, each giving it everything they had.
"It's a great event in its third year," said Harper. "We're hoping to have more and more people compete in the future."
The winner of this year's Hampton Roads preliminary was Sgt. Matthew Martin, aviation electronics instructor, Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit Oceana, Naval Air Station Oceana. Martin now has the opportunity to go to San Diego and compete on a national level.


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