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From Enlisted to Officer - Scherrer Ascends to the Medical Service Corps

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Story by Julius Evans on 03/31/2019
Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Joshua Scherrer spent his last day as a Petty Officer at Fort Detrick on Mar. 28. That was the day he took the Officer Oath and ascended into the Medical Service Corps.

Currently stationed at Naval Medical Logistics Command, Fort Detrick, Md., headed by Cdr. Steve Aboona, Scherrer knew from the time he enlisted that he wanted to earn a commission.

His long family lineage of military service that spans four generations, stems from his father who retired from the Navy as a master chief. He said he considers the military a family business.'

"I've wanted to become an officer since enlisting in the Navy, but being stationed with the 3d Marine Division in Okinawa, Japan solidified this. Working alongside the Marines really opened up my eyes as to what the Navy - Marine Corps team is operationally capable of; I truly believe we are the world's greatest fighting force," Scherrer said.

While assigned to and stationed with the Marine Corps, Scherrer worked with the Division's Medical Planner, who was a Plans, Operations, and Medical Intelligence (POMI) Officer within the Medical Service Corps.

"Cdr. Robert Goad exposed me to the health service support planning that he provided to the entire division. That really caught my interest," he said. "From that point forward, I knew exactly what I wanted to do professionally."

After being accepted into the POMI Course at the Naval Medical Professional Development Center in Bethesda, Maryland in 2017, he was formally trained within that specialty.

When asked how being commissioned would impact his life, Scherrer paused a long time in a moment of reflection before he summarized his feelings.

"I knew I would earn a commission at some point in my naval career, I just didn't know when. I'm the type of person that goes all out when truly focused on a goal. Being a commissioned officer will allow me to lead and make an impact at a different level. The United States Navy is an organization that I am truly passionate about. Being trusted with this responsibility is such an honor.

Scherrer shared a few thoughts with some of his shipmates who were stationed with him from previous commands and joined him in celebrating his commissioning. "No matter where you fall within an organization, you can make an impact. Whether you realize it or not, people are watching you," Scherrer said. "The actions you take can motivate others. Always be an example."

Congratulation Ens. Scherrer on your promotion into the Medical Service Corps.


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