2CR synchronizes small unit tactics with fire support operations

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Written by 2nd Lt. Rita Graham, 4th Squadron, 2d Cavalry Regiment

Palehorse Troop, 4th Squadron, 2d Cavalry Regiment's fire support team conducted challenging and comprehensive training in preparation for Brave Warrior 2018. Starting with the Week of the Fire Support Team, the Palehorse Troop FIST planned, coordinated and executed the Artillery Skills Proficiency Test to train and certify 100% of the Troop's FIST on fire support equipment, including targeting equipment, precision strike software and fire support vehicle tasks. Fire Support Officers and Soldiers then trained off-site in Amberg, Germany to practice enhanced target descriptions, train on joint fires terminology and rehearse communications with fixed and rotary winged aircraft.

During Palehorse Troop's gunnery, all of the mounted Scout teams trained on call for fire and round adjustment, and the advanced groups practiced attack aviation CFF. Immediately following Gunnery, the troop's FIST traveled off site to Bitche, France to support Air Force Joint Terminal Attack Controllers certifications, and spoke directly with JTACs and German Aircraft. The next day, the FIST and Scout team observed a Bulldog Battery, Field Artillery Squadron, 2CR and 2nd Squadron, 2CR mortar live fire exercise.

The FIST conducted concurrent training with Palehorse Troop Scouts during the LFX. Topics included the types of fire missions, round adjustment, mission processing, close air support/army attack aviation, targeting equipment and fire support planning and products.

The following week, during section live fires, the FIST and mortars conducted digital sustainment training while the 13Fs, fire support specialists, trained on mortar carrying vehicle crew drills and mission processing. The FIST processed voice and digital fire missions while the field artillery leadership evaluated non-commissioned officers on their ability to plan and coordinate fires.

The training was mutually beneficial. The Palehorse Troop FIST trained 19D, or cavalry scout, leaders and gained a greater understanding of Scout tactics and capabilities.

"The mission encompassed a large amount of scout tactics that required the support of indirect fires coordination," said Staff Sgt. Kurt Taveras, squad leader, Palehorse Troop, 4/2CR. "After working with the FIST, my section and I became more efficient in our call for fire knowledge and effective target emplacement."

Palehorse Troop's section sergeants proved adaptive and agile leaders by combining maneuver and indirect fires. The FIST continued to emphasize effective and comprehensive training through Brave Warrior in Hungary and will soon participate in Dragoon Ready at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center, Hohenfels, Germany.

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