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Kirtland at your service: Finance, "We just want to help"

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Story by SSgt J.D. Strong II on 04/09/2019
At the 377th Comptroller Squadron Customer Service section, they understand the value of a dollar and how it greatly impacts Airmen and the mission--all they want to do is help.

Located inside of the Consolidation Support Facility, the 377th CPTS Customer Service sectionFinance--is there to provide counseling, feedback and assist in all pay-related matters.

"The Finance slogan is no money no mission.' We make sure that the Airmen can focus on what they need to focus on, the mission not financial matters, not what's going on with their pay," said Staff Sgt. Marcus Amerson, 377th CPTS customer service NCOIC. "We fix all those issues to ensure that customers can focus on what they need to do, so they can give their 100 percent toward the mission."

The finance customer service section offers expertise on all financial matters to include travel pay, military pay and leave and earning statement breakdowns. They also handle pay corrections, travel vouchers, pay documents, updating basic housing allowances and basic allowance subsistence. With assisting approximately 250-plus customers a week, each customer is a priority and is asked to come in a composed manner.

"Customers that come in with a calm demeanor and attitude we can help faster because we can focus on what we need to do to fix their issues," said Amerson. "I know it's hard sometimes, but be calm; we do our best to help."

Along with being timely and effective with their patrons, another goal of the section is to be recognized for their dedication to customer service.

"We like to stay focused on servicing the customer no matter how long and how much effort it takes," said 2nd Lt. Jackson Locke, 377th CPTS financial services officer. "We are rated on metrics. Our performance metrics indicators are the driving factors that can get us awards, but we are here to help the customer first and foremost so if the metric has to slip because of that, we are ok with it."

For more information or questions about the 377th CPTS customer service section, call 505-846-8045.


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