Communications are essential to our successful mission accomplishment

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Story by Catherine Carroll on 04/08/2019
"HNC has declared 2019 as the Year of Communications'. Communications are essential to our successful mission accomplishment and are truly the foundation upon which all of our programs reside. We communicate in many ways and at many levels. The content and delivery of our communication needs to fit both the way and level of the intended communication.

As an example, when communicating within our Project Development Teams, communications are normally verbal, informal, and intended to discuss and formulate the best methods of executing program needs to reach consensus on a way ahead. Consider this tactical level communications. Both talking and listening are essential elements of tactical communications. Failure in either equates to failed communication.

When communicating with stakeholders, the dialog may be more formal and the intent is normally to seek project requirements, understanding of what makes the stakeholder successful, and formulation of the projects around those parameters. Listening is the more important communication element in this instance and must be initiated with a well thought out set of queries (verbal or written) to stimulate dialog. These are operational level communications.

Lastly, strategic level communications are either to inform senior leaders, normally verbally, and must be short, clear and concise. Conversely, the intent of the communication may be for the senior leader to impart direction and guidance to us. Thus, listening becomes the more important element.
Given all of this, it is essential to good communications to think through the purpose, intent and audience pertaining to the communication. Knowing this, then think through the delivery method and whether the communication is tactical, operational or strategic in nature...and shape the communication accordingly. Solicit feedback from the audience pertaining to the intent of the communication to ensure that it was delivered or received as intended."


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