Misawa's munitions flight is F-16's "bomb shop"

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Story by A1C Xiomara Martinez on 10/11/2018
"Ammo!" yell 35th Maintenance Squadron armament Airmen following a loud boom of a mallet stirke on the timpani, echoing across the room.

This war cry threads armament personnel together with a sense of pride for their unit.

With attention to detail and extreme care, these experts handle, store, transport, arm and disarm weapons systems to ensure the safety and success of operations.

"Our main mission supports the F-16 Fighting Falcon's daily flying and training procedures," said Staff Sgt. Richard Brooks, the 35th MXS munitions operations NCO in charge. "We provide all bombs and maintain stockpiles of built-up missiles."

When executing operational procedures, 35th Fighter Wing pilots, security forces personnel, explosive ordnance disposal flight and maintenance workshops require many munitions to sustain operations, and Ammo provides for all of these units. As the munitions are expended, a supply chain refills weaponries.

Without the munitions shop, the mission at Misawa AB would be interrupted, which sometimes means long hours and hard days.

Despite the daily demands on the job, Staff Sgt. Johnathon Trimble, the 35th MXS munitions stockpile management production supervisor, finds the people he works with to be his favorite part of the job.

"They make the workload easier to complete," explained Trimble. "We have a blast at work, and it's fun to meet people from all over the world and see our diverse personalities work as a team. Times like these serve as a reminder for why I enjoy my career."

Not only do personnel feel like a family at work, but they believe their organization differs from others.

"What makes us dissimilar is how secluded our group is from the rest of the base," said Senior Master Sgt. Luke Thompson, the 35th MXS material section chief. "The way we support one another while being apart is fantastic. Even within the barriers in our squadron, our Airmen are very proud to effectively provide materiel to support aircraft and manage all ammunitions."

With the beat of their drum and building of bombs, Ammo's Airmen keep Misawa's F-16's armed for regional stability.

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