Oklahoma Vehicle Registration

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Proof of insurance is required to register a vehicle in the State of Oklahoma. The first time registration tag fee for a military non-resident will be approximately $52.50. With a non-resident military affidavit (obtained from your orderly room) the renewal registration fee thereafter will be $22.50.

If purchasing a new vehicle, excise tax is 3.25% of the total delivered price of the automobile. There is no military exemption for the excise tax. If a member purchases a car overseas, they will be required to pay the excise tax on that vehicle upon initial registration in the state of Oklahoma unless you can produce an affidavit showing you have previously paid the tax.

A member may only keep their overseas plates for 30 days after arrival in Oklahoma, however some exceptions do apply. You may call 800-522-8165 for any questions on the exceptions. Oklahoma does not recognize  international driver's licenses. Members can apply early for tags if all documentation, title and proof of insurance are included in the request.


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