Job Seeker Tips

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Always keep your resume up-to-date, and have different resumes that target specific industries and highlight your skills for their job descriptions.

Compile several reference lists so you have a good variety of people and former business associates to draw on.

Compose a comprehensive and catchy cover letter; it will introduce you and your desire to work for the company. Know what the company does, and highlight your skills, work experience and education that apply to the position.

Be ready for an interview at any time. When you submit your application, a supervisor may want to talk immediately, or the phone may ring with a hiring director at the other end of the line.

Always follow up with thank-you letters and calls. Even today, a letter as well as the quick-response e-mail will separate you from a surprising number of the other applicants to your advantage and keep your name fresh in the interviewer’s mind. 


Judicious calls display your continued interest. Writing out what you want to say beforehand helps. So does rehearsal.


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