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Steps to Protect your Pet from 
being Lost During Relocation
Keep a collar with an ID tag on your pet at all times with your current phone number on it. 

Microchip your pet, especially if they are good at wiggling out of their collar. It’s important to keep your contact info up-to-date so the chip can effectively connect your pet to you. All animal shelter and vet clinics can scan for microchips. 
Have a current license on your dog; it is the ID given to animal by the city and can be another way your dog can be connected to you. 

Keep cats indoors; it’s much safer for them. Cats are domestic animals and don’t need to be outside. Give them a post to scratch, a window to perch in, and plenty of toys and they will love the great indoors. 

Animal Services
Taylor-Jones Humane Society
2301 N. Third St.
Abilene, TX 79603 325-672-7124

City of Abilene 
Animal Services Division
925 S. 25th St. 
Abilene, TX 79602 325-698-0085




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