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The Commando Inn lodging facility offers 210 visitors quarters, eight distinguished visitors' quarters and 24 temporary lodging facilities. Military members and civilian employees on official TDY to the installation may make reservations anytime. If rooms are not available for official travel, lodging will arrange local commercial quarters. Space available reservations may also be requested in advance, but can't be confirmed until 24 hours prior to arrival and can be confirmed for up to three days, provided rooms are available at that time. The reception area and lobby feature a guest business office with high-speed Internet, phone and local fax service. This office is open to registered guests 24 hours a day.

VOQ rooms are single occupancy with queen-size beds and private bath. VAQ rooms are single occupancy with queen size bed and shared bath. VOQ, VAQ and DV rooms are stocked with snacks and beverages sold in rooms on an honor basis. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in VOQ or VAQ rooms due to the high aircrew and student populations using our rooms and the access to the amenities. All rooms have cable television, clock/radios, irons and ironing boards, refrigerators, microwaves and full telephone service.

TLFs are for military families that are arriving and departing the installation with dependents. The rooms are single bedroom efficiency apartments with a queen-size bed, sleeper sofa, sleeper chair, roll away, crib, high chair and full kitchen with amenities (refrigerator/ freezer with ice maker, dishwasher, stove, microwave and full complement of cookware and utensils).

Reservations may be made by calling (850) 581-1627 or (850) 884-7115 or (850) 804-6245, DSN 805-579-7115 or 805-579-6245 or e-mailing requests to Please include full name, SSN, basis of request, arrival and departure dates, address/ organization, state, zip code and contact phone and fax numbers.


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