25th Intelligence Squadron

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The 25th Intelligence Squadron has a unique and critical mission to AFSOC - to provide dedicated real time threat warning and enhanced situational awareness onboard AFSOC aircraft by exploiting enemy communications and monitoring national intelligence broadcasts. The 25th IS organically trains their SILENT SHIELD teams consisting of mission commanders, Direct Support Operators, Direct Support Analysts,maintainers and technical communicators to meet the needs of multiple, ongoing AFSOC requirements. The airborne cryptologic linguist brings a unique capability to each of the 1st Special Operations Group's platforms. Their linguistic skills provide a critical component on every mission. SILENT SHIELD has proven indispensable during Operations ALLIED FORCE, ENDURING FREEDOM, IRAQI FREEDOM and other operations across the spectrum of conflict. As a result of their outstanding combattested skills and ability to adapt to any scenario, special operations demand for this unit continues to rise.


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