Emergency and Urgent Care Centers

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Ambulance Service: 
The 460th Medical Group does not provide emergency ambulance service or have an Emergency Department.  To request an ambulance dial 911.

Emergency Care:
Emergency care is to be used only to save life, limb, sight, and loss of body tissue or to prevent undue suffering. If you or your family member who is enrolled at the Primary Care Clinic are in need of emergency care please go to the nearest hospital emergency room or call 911. 

Urgent Care:
After duty hours, please contact the Primary Care Manager on call at 720-847-WELL (9355) for medical advice. If advised to seek medical care, utilize the closest urgent care facility and have your TRICARE care/military ID ready.

On Point Urgent Care
Rocky Mountain Urgent Care

If you are advised to receive Emergency or Urgent Care, you must contact your Primary Care Manager at 720-847-WELL (9355) the next duty day.


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