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Government and Non-Government Housing

Coffman Heights Neighborhood private housing, Offut Air Force Base


Learn about the variety of housing possibilities available. Options are available to your unique situation including: housing for families, single service members, families that are enrolled in the exceptional family member program, pet owners and unaccompanied personnel. Explore your options to find a home that best fits your needs.

Government Housing

Visit the Air Force Housing website to find your new home with the Air Force. This website serves as a one-stop shop for Airmen and their families to obtain information about the housing options and support services available to them at Air Force bases world-wide.

Non-Government Housing

Ask at your local housing office to learn about this DoD program that is currently available for most installations. The program allows military members and families to:

  • Search listings and pictures of available rentals near military installations
  • Find out about shared rentals
  • List their own properties for rent to other military families
  • List their homes for sale by owner (FSBO) to other military members
  • Contact installation housing offices

Privatized Family housing, managed by Rising View, has three housing areas at Offutt which include:

  • Capehart Housing -- Capehart privatized housing is located two miles west of Offutt AFB and offers a variety of housing styles for Junior NCOs, Senior NCOs, Company Grade Officers, Field Grade Officers, and Senior Officers.
  • Coffman Heights Housing -- Coffman Heights is privatized housing located on the base and offers a variety of housing styles for Junior NCOs, Senior NCOs, and Senior Officers.
  • Fort Crook Historic Housing -- Historic privatized housing is located in the center of the base. The Historic Housing consists of two housing areas: NCO Row and General's Row.

Please call the Rising View Leasing Office at 402-991-9840 or visit the Rising View website for additional information regarding privatized housing.

Temporary Housing

Temporary Lodging Facility


Personnel planning to arrive at Offutt are encouraged to make reservations as soon as possible to increase their chances of obtaining temporary quarters. The reservation desk is open 24 hours a day but the Group Reservation desk is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (CST). Reservations can be made by calling DSN 312-271-3671 or commercial 402-294-3671.

Length of Stay

Also, to assist as many people as possible, the maximum lengths of stay in the TLFs are as follows: Inbound personnel may be allowed to stay for a period not to exceed 30 days. Outbound personnel may be allowed access to the TLFs on a space-available basis only for a period not to exceed 30 days. Stays beyond this are handled on a case-by-case basis. Personnel in PCS status or on Temporary Duty to Offutt must present a copy of their orders upon check-in just for verification; a copy will not be kept.


IAW AFI 34-246 lodging guests must provide a valid credit card at time of check-in OR pay in advance at check-in with cash or check. All guests checking in using a credit card will sign the guest registration form that advises them lodging is authorized to apply any unpaid charges to their credit card. All visiting quarters long-term guests, whether paying by cash, check or credit card, will return to the front desk at the 5-day mark to verify and pay their lodging bill. Cash/check paying guests will pay in advance for remaining days of occupancy. Credit card paying guests will have their credit card processed for charges incurred over the past 15 days.

All Temporary Lodging Facilities (TLF) guests staying over 15 days, whether paying by cash, check or credit card, must come back to the front desk at the 15-day mark. Cash/check paying guests will pay in advance for remaining days of occupancy. Credit card paying guests will have credit cards processed for charges incurred over the past 15 days.


Currently we are a no smoking facility.


Temporary Lodging has four TLF units designated to accept pets under the following circumstances.

  • We will only accept cats and dogs (with a maximum of 2 pets).
  • There will be a $10 per night pet fee in addition to your normal room charges. There may be additional cleaning fees assessed if your pet damages furniture or defecates/urinates in the room.
  • You must secure your pet in the pet cage provided or in your own pet container whenever you leave your pet unattended.
  • Do not leave the "Do Not Disturb" sign on your door when you are not in your TLF unit. We will enter your room daily for housekeeping.
  • Pets must be properly immunized and you must present your pet's shot records upon check-in.
  • Pets are not allowed to sit directly on furniture or bedding.
  • Owners may not use lodging towels or linens to bathe pets.
  • Each pet must be collared with your name on each collar and must be leashed when outside the facility.
  • If your dog continually barks and disturbs other guests, you may be asked to kennel your dog off base.
  • Owners are required to pick-up/clean-up their pet's waste and dispose of properly.
  • Infraction of rules may result in removal of you and your pet from lodging.

Each guest staying on one of our pet friendly TLF units will be required to sign a Guest Pet Policy Agreement upon check-in. If you are unable to reserve one of the pet friendly TLF units, Temporary Lodging offers a list of local kennels.


Our room rates are as follows in Table.
Contact Info - Lodging Office, Offutt Inns

Hours of Operation

24 hours a day. If you are planning to arrive after 6:00 pm, you must furnish a credit card number to hold your reservation.

Transportation to Lodging

If you arrive by taxi, keep the taxi while you check in, because some of the actual billeting rooms are not located at this facility, and you will need transportation.

Temporary Lodging Rates (Code, Rate, Location, Eligibility):

  • VQR1P, $60.00, Offutt and O'Malley Bldgs, Enlisted
  • VQS1P, $60.00, Malmstrom Bldg, Sr Enlisted & Officer
  • OST1P, $69.00, Malmstrom & Q-13, Officer
  • TLF1P, $86.00/$96.00 w/pet, Bill Cirlce/Capehart Housing, All families
  • OGN1A, $69.00/$75.00, Q-13 Bldg, Officers
  • OGN1P, $75.00, Q-13 & Offutt Inn, Sr Officers
  • NST1P, $75.00, Offutt Inn Bldg, General Officers



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