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Our Military at Little Rock Air Force Base

Little Rock AFB Our Military at Little Rock Air Force Base

About 15 miles south of the main gate of Little Rock Air Force Base, Little Rock, Arkansas, is about 646 miles southwest of the geographic center of the contiguous 48 states, near Lebanon, Kansas.

Little Rock Air Force Base opened in October 1955. Today, it is the home of C-130 Combat Airlift. The 19th Airlift Wing, the base’s host unit — in concert with the 314th Airlift Wing, 189th Airlift Wing, 913th Airlift Group and U.S. Air Force Mobility Weapons School — is known as the world’s “Center of Excellence” for tactical airlift. Little Rock is home to more than 70 C-130 H and J models.

The 19th Airlift Wing flies the world’s largest fleet of C-130 aircraft and is responsible for providing worldwide deployable C-130 aircraft, aircrews, support personnel and equipment for Air Mobility Command and Air Expeditionary Force taskings. As part of Air Mobility Command’s Rapid Global Mobility airlift capability, the wing’s tasking requirements range from supplying humanitarian airlift relief to victims of disasters to airdropping supplies and troops into the heart of contingency operations in hostile areas.

The 314th Airlift Wing, which reports to Air Education and Training Command, trains C-130 aircrews for all services in the Department of Defense, Coast Guard and 47 allied nations.

The 189th Airlift Wing works in conjunction with the 314th Airlift Wing to provide C-130 instructor pilot and loadmaster training. In times of emergency, as declared by the governor of Arkansas, the 189th AW performs the state mission as directed by the state adjutant general.

Tenant units at Little Rock Air Force base include 29th Weapons Squadron (ACC), 373rd Training Squadron, Det. 4 (AETC), 96th Aerial Port Squadron (AFRC) and Det. 3 AMCAOS (AMC).

The base encompasses 6,100 acres and includes one runway and one assault landing strip.


The base has more than 7,000 active-duty military and civilian members, approximately 5,000 family members and an estimated 57,000 retirees who live in the local area.

Economic Impact

Little Rock Air Force Base’s total impact on the local economy in fiscal year 2017 totaled $469.2 million. It is the seventh-largest employer in Arkansas and, in fiscal year 2017, created 2,728 indirect jobs with average annual salaries exceeding $43,050 with a total annual dollar value of those jobs of $117 million.


Little Rock AFB Our Military History

On Sept. 9, 1952, the Air Force announced its decision to build a $31 million medium jet bomber base near Jacksonville, Arkansas (about 25 miles northeast of Little Rock); construction began on Dec. 8, 1953. By August 1954, the 384th Bombardment Wing and 70th Reconnaissance Wing had been selected by Strategic Air Command to reside at the base. As the two wings awaited movement orders, Col. Joseph A. Thomas (the first base commander) worked with various levels of government on construction of the base. Tragically, Col. Thomas died in the crash of the base’s only aircraft, a C-54 assigned for administrative flying. On Sept. 10, 1955, the base opened for air traffic.

The Air Force officially transferred Little Rock Air Force Base from SAC to the Tactical Air Command April 1, 1970. On March 4, 1970, the first C-130 arrived on base and began tactical airlift operations and training. On May 31, 1971, the 314th Tactical Airlift Wing transferred to Little Rock Air Force Base. Another significant change occurred on base in December 1974, when the Air Force reassigned the 314th TAW from TAC to the Military Airlift Command.

The base and its mission remained primarily unchanged until August 1987, when the 308th Strategic Missile Wing was inactivated. The 314th TAW remained the host unit, supporting global airlift and providing primary C-130 training for U.S. aircrews as well as crews from friendly foreign nations. In June 1992, the 314th Airlift Wing was aligned under the newly formed Air Mobility Command, the successor to Military Airlift Command. Then again in October 1993, the 314th AW transferred to Air Combat Command. On April 1, 1997, the 314th AW transferred to the Air Education and Training Command.

On Oct. 1, 1986, the 189th Air Refueling Group saw yet another mission change when it was redesignated as the 189th Tactical Airlift Group and converted to the C-130 aircraft, with transfer of operational claimancy to MAC.

During the 1991 Gulf War, the 314th TAW’s two operational C-130 squadrons and the 189th TAG’s C-130 squadron supported operations from both the Middle East and European theaters. Later that year, the 314th Tactical Airlift Wing was redesignated as the 314th Airlift Wing and, following the disestablishment of MAC in 1992, the base and the 314th AW were transferred to the new AMC. The 189th TAG was also redesignated as the 189th Airlift Group the same year, followed by redesignation as the 189th Airlift Wing in 1995.

In 1993, the base and the 314th AW transferred to Air Combat Command as part of the U.S. Air Force’s decision to transfer CONUS-based C-130s from AMC to ACC. In 1997, the U.S. Air Force reversed this decision, returning most C-130 airlift back to AMC claimancy. However, given the 314th AW’s primary training mission as the Formal Training Unit for C-130s, the base and the 314th AW were transferred to the Air Education and Training Command, and the base’s two operational Regular Air Force C-130 squadrons were organized under the 463rd Airlift Group, an AMC unit.

From the mid-1990s to the late 1990s, the 314th AW and the 463th AG supported the air war over Serbia. Since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the 463rd AG has supported both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. During that time, Little Rock also provided assistance with humanitarian and peacekeeping aid in regions including Iraq, Somalia, Haiti and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Since the turn of this century, the base has continued its contributions to relief efforts by assisting after hurricanes Katrina and Rita as well as its continued support throughout the Global War on Terror. In 2004, the first active-duty C-130J arrived at the base, extending the distance and speed of the C-130 while reducing workforce and operating expenditures. After its activation in 2008, the 19th Airlift Wing and Air Mobility Command assumed host wing duties for the base.

Throughout its history, Little Rock Air Force Base has been operated by six Air Force Major Commands: SAC, TAC, MAC, AMC, ACC and AETC. These represent every possible major command a continental U.S.-based operational flying base could have been assigned to except for the former Air Defense Command/Aerospace Defense Command and Air Force Global Strike Command.


Little Rock AFB Our Military Organizations


The mission of the 19th Airlift Wing is to execute, generate and support unrivaled Combat Airlift … Anywhere, Anytime!

The 19th Airlift Wing (Air Mobility Command) is the host wing and provides the Department of Defense mission-ready Airmen and supports the largest C-130 fleet in the world. As part of AMC’s Global Reach capability, the wing’s responsibilities range from supplying humanitarian airlift relief to victims of disasters to airdropping supplies and troops into the heart of contingency operations in hostile areas as well as supporting base partners as the host unit.

19th Operations Group

The 19th Operations Group plans, trains and executes air and space power for operational levels of war.

19th Maintenance Group

19th Maintenance Group performs all maintenance on assigned C-130 aircraft.

19th Mission Support Group

The 19th Mission Support Group support and logistics functions, which include contracting, civil engineer, communications, security forces, force support and logistic readiness squadrons.

19th Medical Group

The 19th Medical Group provides responsive care and services to the base population and ensures a fit and medically ready active-duty force.

19th Staff Agencies

The 19th Airlift Wing staff includes a variety of agencies that directly support the wing commander, group commander and the base population.


The 314th Airlift Wing, Little Rock Air Force Base, is the nation’s tactical airlift “Center of Excellence” and trains C-130 aircrew members from the Department of Defense, Coast Guard and 47 partner nations. The 314th Airlift Wing is aligned under Air Education and Training Command, reporting to 19th Air Force, Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas. The wing flies 6,115 aircraft hours and 35,000 simulator hours annually. It uses two local drop zones and assault landing zones, 10 regional airfields and 50 flight simulators/training devices. Annually, the wing trains more than 1,200 students, including more than 150 international students, making it DOD’s largest international flight training program.

314th Operations Group

The 314th Operations Group operates and maintains the personnel and training fleet of 13 C-130J aircraft.

314th Maintenance Group

The 314th Maintenance Group maintains the personnel and tools necessary to provide routine maintenance on the C-130Js assigned to the wing.

714th Training Squadron

The 714th Training Squadron manages the $1.3 billion C-130 Aircrew Training System and C-130J Maintenance and Aircrew Training System contracts, overseeing the largest C-130 simulator complex in the world while managing 46 training syllabi, covering 72 specialized graduate-level flying training courses.


The Arkansas Air National Guard’s 189th Airlift Wing provides elite C-130H aircrew training and worldwide airlift capability and provides effective and prompt support to Arkansans whenever the governor calls. The mission of the 189th AW is to train C-130 aircrew instructor candidates to become instructors in their respective crew positions, so that they may return to their units and help keep their unit members combat ready. In addition, the wing operates the Air National Guard Enlisted Aircrew Academic School, which trains all the Air Force’s C-130 entry-level loadmasters before they are sent across base to the 314th Airlift Wing for initial and mission qualification training. Additionally, the academic school is one of two flight engineer schools to provide entry-level flight engineer training for Air Force flight engineers. The 189th AW averages 10 training sorties a day throughout the work week. The 154th Training Squadron graduates an average of 700 students per year.

The unit provides an annual economic impact of about $49 million and is manned by approximately 1,000 trained and skilled Airmen.


The 913th Airlift Group, Air Force Reserve, was activated in 2014. The group is part of 22nd Air Force, Air Force Reserve Command and provides combat-ready tactical airlift and support resources worldwide.

Approximately 35 percent of the 913th Airlift Group workforce is composed of full-time personnel. These full-time personnel are either U.S. civil service civilians or Air Reserve Technicians. ARTs maintain dual status as traditional reservists and civil service employees. The majority of the group’s personnel are TRs. These members are vital to the mission and at a minimum perform duty one weekend each month and two weeks during the year.



Little Rock AFB Our Military Arrival

See the Getting To & Around Pulaski and Lonoke counties chapter on Page 20 for information about local airports and public transportation. The closest commercial flights land at Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport in Little Rock, about 20 miles from the base. Transportation is not provided to the base.


Contact your sponsor with your estimated arrival time and flight information, if applicable, before your arrival at Little Rock Air Force Base.

Sponsorship is vital to the relocation process. Don’t PCS without talking to your sponsor before departing for Little Rock Air Force Base. Your sponsor will answer any questions you have about the base and the local area, make lodging/dorm arrangements and meet you upon arrival. Your sponsor will be there to help you and your family as you settle into your new community.

If you have not been in touch with a sponsor and your departure is nearing, contact your gaining unit, call the Airman & Family Readiness Center at 501-987-2667 or email your contact information and arrival date to


Cellphone use by the driver of a moving motor vehicle is prohibited on all DOD installations unless the cellphone is used with a hands-free device.

From Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport

If you drive from the airport, you will need to take Loop 440 North (toward Jacksonville) to Highway 67/167 North to Jacksonville. Take Exit 11, then turn left and drive about 2 miles to the main base gate.

From Interstate 30 or 40

From Interstate 30 or 40, take U.S. Highway 67/167, then take Exit 155 to the base. When you reach Jacksonville, take the Air Base Exit 11 to reach the main gate. Stop at the Visitor Center at the gate for a base map.


Military Personnel Section

Building 1255 501-987-6831 

When you arrive at the base, you are required to inprocess with Military Personnel Section customer support. Bring your sealed envelope and Newcomers Inprocessing Sheet (provided by your unit). You must be in uniform, accompanied by your sponsor. If you arrive during non-duty hours, on a weekend or holiday and need assistance, call the Lodging Office in Building 1024 at 501-987-6652/6753.

When you inprocess with the MPS, you will be given an appointment to attend a Newcomer’s Orientation Event; if you are a first-term Airman, you will be signed up to attend the First Term Airman’s Center. All first-duty station officers must call or report to the Airman & Family Readiness Center in the Walters Community Support Center, Building 940, to schedule a mandatory financial briefing.

Newcomers’ Orientation Event

Your one-stop inprocessing will be at the Newcomers Orientation Event the first and third Wednesday of every month at the Airman & Family Readiness Center, Building 940. At orientation, you will be greeted by base leadership, meet local community representatives and receive all of your mandatory inprocessing briefings including medical. The event is mandatory for military members, but spouses and new civilian employees are also encouraged to attend. All spouses are also encouraged to attend the quarterly Heartlink get-together offered at the Airman & Family Readiness Center. Call 501-987-2667 for more information.


Razorback Inn

Building 1024, Cannon Circle 501-987-6753 

The Razorback Inn provides safe, comfortable and clean accommodations for C-130 students, active-duty military members and their families who are being assigned to Little Rock Air Force Base as well as retired military personnel traveling in Arkansas. Check-in time is 2 p.m. Checkout time is 11 a.m. The inn accepts cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and USAF Services Proprietary Cards, and payment must be made in advance. All lodging facilities are nonsmoking.

Temporary lodging facilities available to personnel on accompanied PCS status feature one- or two-bedroom suites with washer/dryer, cooking facilities, sleeper sofa and a crib and high chair upon request. Pets (up to two cats/dogs) are allowed in limited accommodations for an additional fee. Pet shot records are required at check-in. Pit bulls, Rottweilers and Doberman pinschers are not permitted.

Check the website for current room rates.

Getting Settled

Little Rock AFB Our Military Getting Settled


19th Medical Group

1090 Arnold Drive

Central Appointments 501-987-8811

Pharmacy 501-987-7446

Refills 501-987-7457 

The 19th Medical Group serves Little Rock Air Force Base and beneficiaries in the surrounding area. Its mission is to ensure a fit and medically ready force; to provide trained, current and extractable medics to meet local and global challenges; to build a healthier and safer community through preventive medicine; to provide responsive, cost-effective care and service to patients; and to ensure a full spectrum of care with federal and civilian health care providers.

To that end, the Wing provides a wealth of medical services, including dentistry, family health, flight medicine, immunizations, lab testing, mental health care, optometry, pediatrics, pharmacy, physical therapy, radiology, women’s health and more. All eligible beneficiaries can call during regular duty hours for an appointment.

Dental care services are available to active-duty military only. Family members of active-duty personnel are encouraged to use the TRICARE Dental Program. Program information is available by visiting


TRICARE is the health care program for active-duty and retired service members, their families and survivors. TRICARE provides health plans, prescriptions, dental plans and other special health programs to its beneficiaries. TRICARE’s mission is to enhance the Department of Defense and the nation’s security by providing health support for the full range of military operations and sustaining the health of all those entrusted to their care.

TRICARE offers a range of health care plans. TRICARE Prime is the mandatory health care option for active-duty service members. Family members of active-duty service members, retired service members and their families may also use this option. If you use TRICARE Prime, you are assigned a primary care manager at a military or network provider who delivers most of your care. If you need care your PCM cannot provide, you are referred to a specialist. Active-duty service members and their families pay nothing out of pocket for this option; however, there is less freedom to choose your provider. On Jan. 1, 2018, TRICARE Standard and Extra were combined into a new plan, TRICARE Select. Select is a standardized fee-for-service plan available to family members of active-duty service members, retired service members and their families. After you enroll in TRICARE Select, you may schedule an appointment with any TRICARE-authorized provider. Referrals are not required, but you may need prior authorization from your regional contractor for some services. You will pay a copay or cost share based on the type of care and provider you see. Costs for Select vary, but you will pay an annual deductible as well as a percentage of covered services. Non-network providers may charge up to 15 percent more than the TRICARE allowable charge; you are responsible for these extra charges. TRICARE also offers plans for remote and overseas locations, reserve military members, young adults who are no longer covered under regular TRICARE coverage and other scenarios.

TRICARE coverage is completely portable, so it moves with you when you relocate. Follow these simple steps to ensure you have no break in coverage when you move:

  • Do not cancel your TRICARE Prime enrollment option before you move.
  • Update your personal information in DEERS immediately when you arrive at your new location.
  • Select a new primary care manager.

If you are already using TRICARE Select, moving is easy. When you arrive at your new location, update your personal information in DEERS. Then find TRICARE-authorized providers in your new area. Remember, you may have a new regional contractor and claims filing address.

TRICARE’s online tools can help you find and compare plans that you are qualified to use. Beginning in 2019, however, TRICARE will allow you to switch between plans only if you have a “qualifying life event” such as the birth of a baby or a move. For a complete description of the types of coverage programs and regions, visit For more information about recent changes to TRICARE, visit


Housing Referral Office

101 Arkansas Blvd. 501-987-6429/8227 

The Little Rock Air Force Base Housing Referral Office is ready to support you in the transition to your new home and community. Use the resources provided to become familiar with the housing options and support services available to you. When you arrive at Little Rock Air Force Base, visit the HRO to receive invaluable information, counseling and guidance before entering into a written lease or rental/sales contract for housing.

Unaccompanied Housing

Building 723 Firelane Drive 501-987-1011 

Unaccompanied housing is provided for unaccompanied Airmen in the ranks of E-1 to E-3, and E-4 with less than three years of service. Each Airman is provided a private sleeping room, furnishings, linens and supplies required for comfortable living. Permanent party unaccompanied housing consists of single-occupant rooms, a shared bathroom and an in-house laundry facility open 24/7. The campus is within walking distance to the chow hall and PSC mailboxes. Unaccompanied Airmen in the rank of E-4 with more than three years of service will move into housing in the local community. Visit the HRO to establish BAH.

Little Rock Family Housing

101 Arkansas Blvd. 888-313-8269 

At Little Rock Air Force Base, military family housing is privatized. In addition to your option to purchase and rent housing in the local community, you may now choose to live in privatized housing by signing a tenant lease agreement with Hunt Military Communities, which owns the family housing and is responsible for maintaining, repairing, constructing and managing the community.

For comprehensive information about homes and amenities in the Little Rock privatized housing community, visit the Little Rock Family Housing website.


Post Office

Building 966, Cannon Drive 501-987-3695

The full-service Post Office on base provides window service weekdays, and the lockbox lobby is always open. To receive mail for general delivery, use the following address:

Your Name

General Delivery

PSC Box 2400

Little Rock AFB, AR 72099-4399

Postal Service Center

Building 864

A separate military Postal Service Center, with only incoming mailboxes, is adjacent to the Razorback Dining Facility.


Veterinary Services

Building 648 501-987-7249 

Personnel residing on Little Rock Air Force Base must have pets licensed by the Veterinary Treatment Facility, Building 648. Personnel living off base must have pets licensed by the respective city where they reside. There are no quarantines for the state of Arkansas. Pit bull terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers and American bulldogs or any mixed breed thereof are banned from the city of Jacksonville and many of the cities surrounding Little Rock Air Force Base. It is against the law to own a dog of these breeds.

The Little Rock Air Force Base Veterinary Treatment Facility offers services such as vaccines, medicines, spays, neuters and dental care. Services are provided to military families. Due to limited resources, most veterinary emergency cases are best served through a full-service civilian veterinary hospital; see the Military Buyer’s Guide tab to connect with local veterinarians.


Little Rock Air Force Base Chapel

Building 950 501-987-6014 

The United States Air Force Chaplain Corps is dedicated to preserving your right to worship. It provides, or finds a way to provide, for a broad spectrum of worshippers. If you are seeking spiritual support for any denomination or faith group, it will do its best to assist you.

Little Rock Air Force Base Chapel offers various types of counseling and seminars to include premarital, marital, religious, stress, grief/loss, etc. Privileged communication covers all counseling sessions. For current service times, visit the chapel’s website.


There is no longer a requirement to register your vehicles with Little Rock Air Force Base. All privately owned vehicles on base must be insured, and a current license plate is required. Arkansas state traffic laws apply on base; see the Getting To & Around Pulaski and Lonoke counties chapter on Page 20 for more information. All vehicles entering or leaving base are subject to search.

Serving You

Little Rock AFB Our Military Serving You


C-Street Cafe

Building 827 (at Fitness &
Sports Center) 501-987-7716

Game Time Sports Grill

Building 956 (at Strike Zone
Bowling Center) 501-987-3338

Hangar 1080

Building 1080 501-987-5555

Catering 501-987-5555

Hercules Dining Facility

Building 834 501-987-3071

Flight Kitchen 501-987-3630

Hungry Herk

Building 276 501-987-2582

V.I.Pete’s Grille

Building 1080 501-987-5555

Victor’s Grille

Building 1075 (at Deer Run
Golf Course) 501-987-6131

Wally’s Java

Building 940 (at Walters Community
Support Center) 501-987-4133

For hours, menus and special event information, visit


Education Services/University Center

Building 1490 501-987-3417

Promotion testing 501-987-8251

Base training 501-987-3776

Transition Education Counselor 501-987-3417

Commissioning Counselor 501-987-8626

Resource Manager 501-987-3418 

The Education Center provides educational opportunities and counseling services to all Air Force members assigned to Little Rock Air Force Base, active-duty personnel, DOD civilian employees, adult family members and military retirees.

There are six on-base universities represented — Arkansas State University-Beebe, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Park University, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and Webster University — offering both undergraduate and graduate programs. All offer accelerated courses in eight-week terms on a variety of schedules: lunch, evening, weekend and online.


Airman & Family Readiness Center

Walters Community Support Center

Building 940 501-987-2667 

The Airman & Family Readiness Center is a one-stop information and referral center and is the cornerstone of the Little Rock family support system, helping Airmen and their families enhance their readiness and quality of life.

Programs include Information & Referral Resources, Personal & Work Life, Mobilization & Deployment Readiness, Volunteerism, Transition Assistance, Air Force Aid Society, Exceptional Family Member, Money Matters, Employment & Career Focus Support, Relocation Counseling, Disaster Preparedness, Air Force Wounded Warrior and Casualty Affairs. For detailed program information, see the A&FRC brochure at

The center serves active-duty military members from all services, National Guard and Reserve members, retired military members and DOD civilians and their family members. All services are free.

Child Development Center

Building 1990 501-987-6130

Infant Toddler Center,
Building 1257 501-987-6070 

The Child Development Center offers weekly care for children 6 weeks to 5 years old, and hourly care is available on a space-available basis with reservations. The center provides a safe, nurturing environment that promotes the social, cognitive, language and physical development of children. The center is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and follows standards set by the Air Force Services Agency.

Children of active-duty military personnel, DOD civilian personnel, reservists on active duty and DOD contractors are eligible. Fees are based on total family income. Registration requires a completed DD Form 2606, immunization records, leave and earnings statements and emergency contact information.

Exceptional Family Member Program

Building 940 501-987-2667 

This program provides special-needs families with information and referral services.

Family Child Care

Building 1988 501-987-3156 

Family Child Care offers an alternative to child development center care for families that need evening care, weekend care, care for children with special needs, infants and school-age children, as well as care during swing and midnight shifts.

The program also offers an opportunity for spouses to contribute to the family income while caring for their children.

FCC providers are well-trained, they and their family members undergo a thorough background check, and their homes are inspected for fire safety, health, general safety and other requirements. In addition, their homes are monitored regularly (at least monthly) by program staff.

School Liaison

Building 1255 501-987-8341

The school liaison office is the connection between Little Rock Air Force Base families and private and public schools. It provides support to service members during all stages of transition and deployment to ensure children receive every opportunity for quality education.

Youth & Teen Center

Building 1992 501-987-6355 

The Little Rock Air Force Base Youth Center is for ages 9 to 18. It offers a wide variety of activities that focus on character and leadership development, education and career development, health and life skills, the arts, informal youth sports, and fitness and recreation. The Teen Center offers social activities for teens 13 to 18 ranging from music to computers to foosball to video games.

The School-Age Program provides before- and after-school care as well as a full-time vacation program for children in kindergarten through sixth grade. The National After-School Association accredits it.

Hours vary depending on school schedule; see the website for up-to-date information including registration deadlines.


Arkansas Federal Credit Union

779 6th St.

Little Rock AFB 501-982-1000 

First Arkansas Bank & Trust

Building 795 800-982-4511 


Legal Office

1250 Thomas Ave.

Building 1250 501-987-7886 

Legal assistance is provided on a walk-in basis for active-duty service members, including reservists and National Guard members on federal active duty, retirees and active-duty dependents. Wills are provided on an appointment basis only and are drafted and executed in a single appointment. Inactive reservists or National Guard members will be provided with deployment-related legal assistance and civilian and contract employees on deployment orders may obtain legal services for will executions and powers of attorney. Call to schedule an appointment.


Building 940 501-987-6979 

The Little Rock Air Force Base Library’s collection consists of internet-connected computers; Wi-Fi access throughout the library; books, with 25 percent in the children’s collection; DVDs; music CDs; audiobooks; a growing collection of Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii games; graphic novels; and numerous periodical and newspaper subscriptions.


For detailed information about the recreational programs at Little Rock Air Force Base, visit the 19th Force Support Squadron online at

Deer Run Golf Course & Pro Shop

Building 1075 501-987-6825 

Deer Run is a regulation 18-hole golf course featuring a driving range, pitching and putting greens and a pro shop. Golf lessons are available upon request.

Fitness & Sports Center

Building 827 501-987-7716 

The center offers a running track, fitness assessments, equipment orientation, certified personal trainers, daily group fitness classes, a Running Club Incentive Program and a 175,000 Lifting Club Incentive Program.

Information, Tickets & Travel

Building 940 501-987-5105 

Find information and get military discount tickets for attractions including Magic Springs, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, Silver Dollar City and more.

Whatever travel destinations you seek, the Information, Tickets & Travel staff can also help you plan your trips with assistance with airline tickets, hotels, rental cars and even cruises.

Outdoor Recreation

Building 656 501-987-3365 

Outdoor recreation has equipment rentals, the outdoor adventure program, family camping, RV storage, horse stables and the “lemon lot” resale area. Services are available to military ID cardholders.

Equipment rental is one of the most popular programs offering everything from lawn and garden items to camping and boating equipment as well as sports gear and tools. Items may be reserved 30 days in advance.

The Outdoor Adventure program gets Airmen off base and exploring Arkansas — whether it is rock climbing, hiking, kayaking or a night on the town. Call Outdoor Recreation for more information.

Strike Zone Bowling Center

Building 956 501-987-3338 

Strike up some family fun at the bowling center. Shoe rental, bowling leagues, professional instruction and a snack bar are available. Visit the website for seasonal hours.

Skills Center

Building 656 501-987-6808 

Visit the Skills Center online for detailed information about the programs and services offered.

Arts & Crafts Center 501-987-6808

Feeling crafty? Unleash your creativity using the center’s tools and tables.

Auto Hobby 501-987-6803

Do your automobile maintenance at the center using its stalls, lifts and tools. It also offers auto classes to help with do-it-yourself repairs, and mechanics if you prefer to leave it in expert hands.

Frame Shop 501-987-6504

Give your images and keepsakes a beautiful display with the shop’s offerings of moldings, mats and glass. It features a digital matte cutter and experienced staff to help you with any project.

Rockin Graffix 501-987-5796

Engraving makes any project personal and perfect. Whatever your design needs are — plates, plaques, gift sets, pens, mugs, picture frames, pet tags and more — the experienced staff has your plans covered.

Wood Shop 501-987-6504

Use the shop’s tools to complete small-sized projects after completing the wood shop safety course.

Community Center

Building 940 501-987-6720 

The Walters Support Community Center offers a self-supervised game room for adults and youth, with pool tables, air hockey and a big-screen TV with video game systems. The party room features an indoor play structure for children 12 years and younger. A large ballroom is available for parties and receptions. The center also offers classes in piano, guitar, martial arts and more. The center is staffed for events; call for reservations.


Little Rock Commissary

Building 790 501-987-6990 

Save your hard-earned dollars when shopping for groceries at the Little Rock Commissary. In-store amenities and specialties include a bakery, party cakes, custom photo cakes, a deli, fresh sandwiches to go, plants, rotisserie chicken and sushi.

Little Rock Exchange 

The Little Rock Air Force Base Exchange wants to be your first choice for shopping. It offers a price-match program that guarantees the lowest prices in town. Hours for services outside of the Main Exchange vary, so call or visit the website for detailed information.

Main Exchange

Building 787 501-988-2337

Exchange Mobile Center 501-983-1916

Military Clothing Store 501-987-3250

Exchange Restaurants

Charley’s Grilled Subs 501-988-2238

Starbucks 501-349-5556

Subway 501-241-1449

Taco Bell 501-988-2238


5 Star Nutrition 501-982-1500

Alterations 501-988-9235

Barbershop 501-988-1160

Enterprise Car Rental Red phone kiosk

GNC 501-988-0561

H&R Block 501-983-0001

Laundry/Dry Cleaners 501-983-1616

Optical Center 501-988-2761

Express with Class Six/Firestone/Popeyes

Building 1305

Express/Class Six 501-988-1130/987-8092

Popeyes 501-988-1374

Precision Tune Auto 501-232-7205

Other Facilities

Burger King, Building 789 501-988-4412

Lakeside Express, Building 1996 501-988-4841


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