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State of Florida

Division of Emergency
Management 850-815-4000

The Florida Division of Emergency Management plans for and responds to natural and man-made disasters. The division’s sections include Preparedness, Response, Recovery and Mitigation. Visit the division’s website for a severe weather awareness guide and other preparedness information.

Hillsborough County

Emergency Management
Nonemergency 813-236-3800

The Hillsborough County Office of Emergency Management is responsible for planning and coordinating actions for disaster preparation, response and recovery. The office manages the County Emergency Operations Center; plans and conducts emergency training; and serves as a liaison with state and federal emergency agencies. Visit the office’s website for the county’s disaster planning guide and other disaster preparedness information.

Pinellas County Emergency Management

Nonemergency 727-464-3800

Pinellas County’s Department of Emergency Management develops and enhances the county’s disaster preparedness and recovery plans for all hazards. Visit the department’s website for the county’s hurricane guide and other disaster preparedness information.


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