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The New Mexico Board of Dental Health Care and the Dental Hygienist Committee’s website,, is a useful place to start in finding a dentist by using its license verification service. Select “Look up a License” from the website to find or verify a dentist, hygienist or dental assistant. You can also seek referrals from people you know who’ve had dental care in the area.

Consider the following to find the best dentist for your needs.

  • Are the dentist’s office hours convenient for your schedule?
  • Is the dental office close to your home or office?
  • How are dental emergencies handled?
  • Does the office appear to be clean and well organized?
  • Is the staff helpful and friendly?
  • What are the dental office’s financial policies and how is insurance handled?

The New Mexico Office of Oral Health can give you tips for oral health and low-cost dental care. Visit its website at


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