The Alaska Highway

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If you’ve ever dreamed of driving the Alaska Highway, known as the Alcan, get ready for the trip of a lifetime. Traveling from the Lower 48 through Canada, into the Yukon Territory and finally into Alaska is nothing less than spectacular. The trip takes you through some of the most remote and wild expanses left in North America, with snow-covered mountain ranges of majestic peaks and glacial streams, countless crystal-clear, fish-filled lakes, and forests filled with wildlife and big game. It is truly nature at its finest. You are also likely to experience good, old-fashioned hospitality along the way from some of the friendliest folks you’ll ever meet.

Driving the Alaska Highway is easy. Unlike many bases in the United States, the directions to Eielson are fairly simple. Once you reach the start of the Alaska Highway at Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada, just point your vehicle north and 1,500 miles later you’ll reach the main gate! There are several major routes leading to Dawson Creek, including roads from Seattle, Wash., Great Falls, Mont., and the eastern United States via Canada. Once you reach Dawson Creek, grab a travel guide for a list of scenic attractions, the best places to spot wildlife, mileage between towns, and the locations of restaurants, hotels and gas stations along the way. Given the remoteness of the area, knowing this information is critical to both your enjoyment and safety — even more so in the winter when most businesses close and traffic on the road noticeably declines.


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