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Of course, the quickest and easiest mode of travel to Alaska is flying. You can fly the entire way, or drive your privately owned vehicle to Seattle for shipping and then fly to Fairbanks. All travel from Seattle to Fairbanks must be governmentprocured transportation. Your local TMO will make the arrangements. If you fly the entire way, TMO can provide you with a government ticket or you can purchase your ticket from your base to Seattle. From Seattle to Fairbanks, a government ticket must be issued since it is considered transoceanic travel and cannot be personally procured. Be sure to save the airline tickets you purchase or are issued; they will be required for reimbursement.

The Armed Services YMCA sponsors a military courtesy lounge for passengers departing from and arriving at Fairbanks International Airport. Hours of operation are noon to 11 p.m. local time. The lounge, located under the stairwell next to the baggage claim, provides a comfortable waiting area for military members of all services and their families. Volunteers staff the lounge during heavy air traffic periods, providing traveler assistance and welcoming newcomers to the Fairbanks area. To contact the ASYMCA lounge, call 907-455-0236 or visit www.asymcaofalaska.com.

If you fly to Fairbanks commercially, you’ll arrive at Fairbanks International Airport — a 45-minute drive from the base. There is no commercial bus transportation to the base, and commercial taxis can be expensive. Ask your sponsor if he/she can pick you up at the airport upon your arrival, or have your sponsor call vehicle operations 24 hours in advance for pickup. To contact vehicle operations, call 907-377-1843.


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