PCS Travel Pay

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The financial services office (FSO) should provide a PCS In-Processing System (PIPS) brochure to you upon arrival at Eielson. This brochure will provide instructions for filing your PCS-in travel voucher along with adjusting your military pay entitlements as necessary. Your PCS voucher can be completed at your desk or in the finance customer service lobby between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. The FSO also offers one-on-one appointments for first-term Airmen and other customers who desire assistance with their voucher. Your authorized travel entitlements will be based on your mode(s) of travel to Alaska. Save all of your receipts and keep a welldocumented log of your trip to simplify the PCS voucher filing process. If you’re taking the ferry, authorization must be annotated in your orders. Additionally, you may receive reimbursement for lodging and per diem for one night at your port of departure and arrival, so make sure you save your lodging receipts for those nights.


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