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Students living on Eielson or in the Moose Creek and Salcha communities can attend on-base schools. Kindergartners through second-grade students attend Anderson Elementary School, and third- through sixth-grade students attend Crawford Elementary School. Junior and senior high students compose seventh through 12th grade and attend Ben Eielson Junior/Senior High School. More than 570 elementary and 390 secondary students attend the on-base schools.

Students living off base attend school in their attendance area. Bus transportation is provided for all children within the area who live at least 1.5 miles from school. If a military family decides to live off base, parents may request that their children attend school on base. Permission may be granted provided classroom space is available and parents provide transportation.

Kindergarten children can attend school if they are 5 years old on or before Sept. 1, and first grade if they are 6 years old on or before Sept. 1 or attended a kindergarten in a public school in another state and were of legal age in that state. Alaska state law requires proof of immunization before any student is admitted into a public school. Students entering kindergarten or first grade must provide a copy of their birth certificate or other proof of age.

State of Alaska law and school district policy govern all schools in the area.

Thus, programs and services are similar from school to school. Extracurricular and cocurricular activities, such as athletics, band, orchestra, etc., are provided within budget limitations. Senior high students are offered college preparatory courses, as well as vocational-technical education classes. Special education is provided for exceptional children as well as for children with learning disabilities, physical handicaps and other special needs. The school board sets policies and budgets during monthly meetings at the school district administrative center in Fairbanks. The base school board representative is the 354th Mission Support Group commander. In addition, most schools have parent-teacher associations that welcome parent input and involvement.

For more information, contact the School Liaison Officer at 907-377-4795 or visit the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District website.


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