18th Aggressor Squadron

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The 18th Aggressor Squadron flies the F-16C/D as PACAF’s only dedicated adversary squadron. Eielson-based Aggressors know, teach and replicate potential adversaries’ tactics and capabilities to prepare aviation forces for combat. The Aggressors also lead large-force adversary aircraft for Joint U.S. and multinational exercises such as RED FLAG-Alaska, Northern Edge, Cope North and Valiant Shield.

The 18th Aggressor Squadron provides unit-level training throughout PACAF via Mobile Training Teams or by supporting units at Eielson through the Distant Frontier weapons and tactics training deployment program. The Aggressors serve as a liaison to national intelligence agencies and teach expert threat academics to more than 1,000 aircrews annually. The 18th replicates advanced airborne threats using the F-16 Fighting Falcon.

Due to the unique nature of the 18th Aggressor Squadron’s mission, Eielson’s F-16C/D aircraft display various camouflage paint schemes mimicking potential adversary aircraft. Aggressor pilots use the F-16 systems to replicate threat aircraft while the ground-based “Baron” controllers orchestrate the most realistic threat presentations possible. This enhances the realism of the training and better prepares Combat Air Force pilots from the United States and its allies. This tactical threat realism, coupled with an unparalleled knowledge of the enemy, allows the Aggressors to present the highest fidelity training possible as they prepare United States Air Force and international partner aircrews to fight tomorrow’s battles.


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