354th Maintenance Group

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354th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
This squadron provides on-equipment maintenance for the wing’s F-16 fleet, at home station and on the road. The squadron travels with the 18th Aggressor Squadron as they train units throughout PACAF and the rest of the Combat Air Force. The squadron consists of production, specialists, weapons and support personnel.

354th Maintenance Group
The 354th Maintenance Group provides aircraft and munitions support to the 354th Fighter Wing’s F-16 fleet, RF-A and other exercises, and to transient and special mission aircraft operating out of Eielson. Maintaining aircraft in Alaska temperatures, which can range from 90 degrees in the summer to minus 60 in the winter, can be demanding, but no matter what conditions prevail in this beautiful land of extremes, the men and women of the maintenance group provide unprecedented airpower through sustained maintenance excellence. The group is composed of two squadrons.

354th Maintenance Squadron
This squadron provides equipment maintenance and conducts hourly post-flight and periodic inspections for the wing’s F-16 fleet. The maintenance squadron also provides munitions support for the wing and units visiting Eielson for RF-A or for other missions. This squadron is composed of a command staff, avionics, propulsion, accessories maintenance, armament, fabrications, aerospace ground equipment, phase inspection, munitions maintenance and support personnel. The squadron also manages processes typically seen in a maintenance operations squadron, namely plans, scheduling, documentation, analysis and engine management.


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