Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC)

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Reporting directly to the Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC), Patrick Air Force Base, Fla., Det. 460 is AFTAC’s largest field detachment and the only detachment with two distinct mission areas. Det. 460 operates and maintains AFTAC’s largest and northernmost seismic network, providing near real-time seismic data to support AFTAC’s mission to provide national authorities quality technical measurements to monitor nuclear treaty compliance as well as providing data to the International Data Center as part of the U.S. contribution to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization in Vienna, Austria. Secondly, the detachment operates and maintains a network of gaseous and particulate air sampling units to detect airborne signatures of nuclear events. Stretching from Point Barrow north of the Arctic Circle southeast to the Canadian border and west to the most distant Aleutian Island of Shemya, Det. 460’s area of responsibility comprises a vast and unique set of challenges associated with the varied geography, climate and cultures of the largest state in the Union. The detachment has a long and distinguished history at Eielson. The detachment’s roots derive from several AFTAC detachments originally scattered across the Last Frontier. At its pinnacle, there were six detachments and about 200 officers and Airmen assigned to AFTAC units throughout Alaska.


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