Detachment 1, 66th Training Squadron

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Arctic Survival School
Det. 1, 66th Training Squadron conducts Arctic Survival Training at Eielson. The primary course, S-V87-A is five days in duration with instruction in familiarization with the arctic environment, medical, personal protection (clothing, shelter construction and firecraft), sustenance (food and water procurement), signaling and recovery and arctic travel considerations. Twice a year, Det. 1 also conducts a six-day advanced arctic survival course, S-V87-B, for SERE Specialist upgrade training. This course focuses on advanced cold-weather principles, with particular emphasis on and practice of barrenland arctic survival techniques.

There are 16 S-V87-A classes each year, starting in November and finishing in March. Classes begin on Monday morning with two days of academic and laboratory training. On Wednesday morning the students are transported to the field training area, where they practice the survival techniques taught during the academic phase. Friday, after completion of all field requirements, students are transported back to the detachment for graduation


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