Our Military

Travis Air Force Base Centered in Northern California in Solano County, Travis Air Force Base is located midway between Sacramento, the state capital, and Sa


Halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento lies Solano County. The county has a population of approximately 436,000 and is home to Fairfield, the county seat

Getting To & Around

Centered in Northern California, Solano County is right in the middle of Sacramento, the state capital, and San Francisco, the cultural heart of the

Housing & Real Estate

The area known also as Solano County is really a series of residential communities strung along Interstate 80 as it heads east from the

Employment & Economy

The county boasts a mix of rural and suburban lifestyles, with ready access to urban amenities given its location between San Francisco and Sacramento.

Health Care

There are many health care services in Solano County for military, civilians and veterans, though implementation of the Affordable Care Act has changed established

Family Resources

In Solano County   Picking up from one place and moving to another is always a hassle, especially when kids and pets are involved. Knowing

Education & Academics

Finding the right schools and educational opportunities for each family member is an important part of any move. This chapter outlines Solano County’s public


There are plenty of entertaining activities in Solano County — music, sports, theater, museums, parks and shopping. Experience the terrifying Break Point Plunge at Waterworld
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