Airman & Family Readiness Center

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90 Farrell Drive, Bldg. 5620
661-277-0723 or DSN 527-0723

The Airman & Family Readiness Center supports the Air Force mission by supporting the Air Force family. The A&FRC serves as a one-stop information and referral center for single and married members, active-duty members, Guard members, Reserves members, civilians who work on base and retired members as well as their families.

The A&FRC provides individual consultations, workshops and a variety of services to help people remain mission-ready and enjoy a high quality of life.

One of its major functions is linkage — ensuring Team Edwards personnel and their families are connected with the appropriate services on and off base. To learn more about current services, follow the center on Facebook, see the calendar of events in the SABRE magazine or visit www.edwardsfss.com. Plus, you can call or stop by the A&FRC for assistance anytime you have a question and do not know where to find the answer.

Key services include:

Air Force Aid Society: Military members and their families faced with financial emergencies can receive assistance from the Air Force Aid Society. AFAS provides interest-free loans for emergency needs such as basic living expenses, car repairs, emergency travel and other personal emergencies. Any active-duty military installation can provide assistance if you are not near an Air Force base.

Casualty Assistance: This program's mission is to provide prompt reporting, dignified and humane notification, and efficient, thorough and compassionate service to the Edwards and surrounding military community. Casualty Assistance is here to service active-duty members, retirees and dependents in the areas of casualty benefits and the Survivor Benefit Program.

Discovery Resource Center: The family-friendly DRC provides information and resources supporting relocation, employment and self-help among many other topics. Computers with internet access and printing capabilities are available for use.

Employment: This program is designed to help military and DOD civilian spouses prepare to find employment and improve marketability skills. Employment services are offered through information, classes, one-on-one assistance and job-skills training to enhance employment.

Exceptional Family Member Program: EFMP provides information and resources to assist military family members with special needs.

Military and Family Life Consultants: Consultants provide nonmedical, short-term, situational, problem-solving counseling to service members and their families. They work with families, individuals, couples and children to provide problem identification and counseling services. MFLCs address relationships, stress management, grief after loss, occupational and other issues, providing crisis intervention when needed. For an appointment or more information, call 661-483-0946.

Personal and Family Readiness: The Airman & Family Readiness Center promotes family preparedness through education and participation in readiness support. Families are also provided assistance during extended absences of the military member, emergencies and natural disasters. Services include the Hearts Apart Program, free oil changes and Give Parents a Break, etc.

Personal Financial Readiness: The Personal Financial Readiness Program offers information and referral, educational programs and counseling on financial planning, money management, financial assessment, CSB and Redux, consumer protection and credit management. After evaluating your overall financial situation, the A&FRC staff assists in exploring ways to increase your income, better manage your current income, or save for the future. The program offers several classes as well as specialized one-on-one assistance to address your needs. Whether you need assistance with managing your money or want to learn how to invest, they are here to assist.

Personal Work Life: This program promotes community wellness and assists with the readiness and resiliency of the force across the life cycle through various classes and programs.

Relocation Services: New to the Edwards area or getting ready to PCS? A&FRC Relocation Assistance is available to assist you. Attendance at the Orientation & Information Fair is required for active-duty military and newly hired DOD civilians. The orientation provides vital information regarding base resources and services, policies and procedures, background and more. Spouses are encouraged to attend the Newcomers Spouses Orientation, designed specifically for spouses, which provides valuable information regarding available services, schools, employment and volunteer opportunities, recreation, shopping and more. Stop by and check out a variety of information on your new community.

Survivor Benefit Program: This program provides peace of mind knowing the election cannot be canceled because of declining health or advanced age. It provides tax savings to the member (SBP premiums are not taxed). It provides coverage with the government sharing in the cost of the plan (subsidized). It provides members' beneficiaries a guaranteed steady source of income after the member's death with regularly adjustments for inflation, and can NEVER run out. The retiree's pay stops on the date of their death, and SBP is the only means to provide a portion of the retiree's income to the surviving spouse and children.

Transition Assistance Program: The Transition Assistance Program equips separating and retiring military members with the skills and knowledge for the next chapter of their career — re-entry into the civilian workforce. Transition assistance services provide the tools needed to conduct a successful self-directed job search. The program consists of briefings, a variety of workshops, individual assistance and numerous resources.

Volunteer Program: This program provides airmen and family members with opportunities to volunteer on base and in the local community, enabling them to enhance their skill set, build their resume and better the community.


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