Welcome to Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado The daily mission here takes the 50th Space Wing to all parts of the world and deep into

Master of Space

Master of Space The architect of the Air Force's ballistic missile and military space program, Bernard Adolph Schriever was born in Bremen, Germany, in 1910


Organizations 50th Space Wing The host unit at Schriever AFB, the 50th SW is proudly called the "Master of Space." This motto comes from the

Tenant Units

Tenant Units Missile Defense Integration and Operation Center The Missile Defense Integration and Operation Center is critical to the development, integration and test, deployment and

Schriever AFB Support Services

Schriever AFB Support Services Banking - Ent Federal Credit Union Ent Federal Credit Union's Schriever AFB Service Center is located across the street from Building

Peterson AFB Support Services

Peterson AFB Support Services Airman Leadership School The Airman Leadership School, located in Bldg. 1141, has a dedicated faculty and staff of four. Seven classe

Area Attractions

Area Attractions Colorado Springs Combining scenic beauty, pleasant residential areas, modern, industry, attractive military installations and cultural activities to satisfy every taste, Colorado Springs i
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