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Planning for your transition starts when you enter the military. Your plan to leave the military should be a well thought out family decision. It’s about investing in your future financially, academically, and emotionally. Transition planning should begin early, whether you plan to serve only four years or 20 or more years. 

The goal of the transition program is to equip separating and retiring military and civilian personnel, and their families, with the skills and knowledge for re-entry into the private sector. 

Resume’ Writing Seminar. This seminar is held monthly during Day 2 and 3 of the Transition Assistance Seminar (TAP). The Resume’ Seminar is open to active duty military who are separating or retiring; all military spouses and family members; and federal employees and contractors working on Grand Forks AFB. Seminar topics will include Personal Appraisal, Career Cataloging, Analyzing Your Skills, The Job Search Process, Interviewing and Reviewing Your Offers. As a bonus to the two day Resume’ Class, a Human Resource Specialist from a local business will be a speaker. Space is limited; therefore, call the A&FRC, 747-3241, to register. 

Preseparation Counseling, DD Form 2648. Everyone who has served more than 180 days and is now separating or retiring from the military is required to receive the DD Form 2648 NLT 90 days prior to discharge according to Public Law 101-510. In order to receive this form, military members are required to attend the Preseparation Counseling held at the A&FRC every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Appointments are not required. The briefing can be received up to 2 years prior to retirement and 1 year prior to separation. Call 747-3241 if you have questions. 

Transition Assistance Seminar. The monthly 4-day Transition Assistance Seminars for 2011 are now available. Opening the TAP Seminar on day one is the Fargo, North Dakota Veteran’s Administration. The County Veteran’s Service Officer will be presenting and informing military members about the vital need to have accurate paperwork completed on disabilities for benefits can be received after leaving the military. 

Day 4 of TAP usually has 2 seminars: Getting That Government Job! And Homeland Security: Working for the Border Patrol. Call 747-3241 or 747-6456 if you have any questions. Registration is necessary. 


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