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Housing Management Office

The Air Force has identified Balfour Beatty Communities to privatize housing across four states for six U.S. Air Force base communities, including Grand Forks Air Force Base.


514 Louisiana Street, Building 119
Phone 747-3035 Phone (DSN) 362-3035
Fax 747-5141 Fax (DSN) 362-5141
The Housing Management Office is responsible for the management of military family housing and single service member housing, as well as helping military family members find off base housing and rental homes and apartments. Military families moving to Grand Forks AFB are encouraged to contact the Housing Office as soon as possible after receipt of orders in order to begin their search for a home that best meets their needs. The Housing Office is open Monday – Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

Single Service Member Housing

Airmen, E-4 and below, with less than three years military service, must live on-base in the dormitories, while higher ranking airmen can live either on or off base. Single service members should contact their sponsor or squadron First Sergeant for a dormitory assignment. 

There are currently 412 bed spaces available for Unaccompanied Airman Housing. All dormitories have single bedrooms with either shared bath or shared kitchen and bath. For availability and eligibility requirements contact the Airman Dorm Leader office at 747-6563 or 747-5677 or 747-3493 or DSN 362-6563 or 362-5677 or 362-3493. 

Government Family Housing

Grand Forks AFB currently maintains nearly 600 military family housing units, including 26 handicapped adaptable units, on base. Availability, location, and number of rooms is determined by family size and military rank. Since wait times are constantly changing, military families desiring base housing are encouraged to contact the housing office as soon as PCS orders are received to determine what is available. There is a two pet policy in Military Family Housing. Grand Forks housing is scheduled to be privatized sometime in 2012. Under the privatization program, a private contractor will be selected to build new homes and renovate existing homes on base. The contractor will then manage and maintain all base housing. 


You can apply in advance for Military Family Housing by going to your Housing Office and completing a DD 1746, Application for Assignment to Housing. A copy of your Permanent Change of station (PCS) orders may be sent at a later date, but must be available upon arrival. 

Your Housing Office will verify your application and mail it to the grand Forks Housing Office. If you are stationed where there isn’t a Housing Office, mail or fax your DD1746. Upon receipt, a computer generated DD 1747 will be sent to you within two duty days, indicating availability of housing according to your rank and family size. 

Housing Referral Office

We encourage all newly assigned personnel to Grand Forks AFB to see the Housing Office before taking off base housing. Also, visit the Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN) prior to your arrival to see what is available to buy or rent in the local area. 

The Grand Forks AFB Housing Office is a part of the Automated Housing Referral Network which is a nationwide, joint service, DoD-sponsored website that offers a 24/7 single source of available housing to incoming military personnel and their families. 

The idea behind AHRN is simple: free of charge, local property managers and military register their available properties on the site, often several months before the property will be available. These properties are then easily visible to incoming personnel when they search the site for available housing. The Housing Office can also assist with additional local listings. 

Household Goods

(Traffic Management Office) 
226 Steen Blvd., Building 101
Phone 747-3457 or 747-3459
Phone (DSN) (312)-362-3457 or (312) 362-3459
Fax 747-6538
Fax (DSN) 312-362-6538
In an effort to make moving a little easier, customers now have the ability to utilize the Defense Personal Property System (DPS), a full-service tool that provides an improved move process for all eligible members of the DoD personal property community. You may visit the DPS portal website anytime and contact us with any questions. The Household Goods Office is open Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 


Follow the instructions you are given at counseling carefully. Depending on how your shipment moves, it is your responsibility to contact the transportation office or mover as soon as you arrive at your new duty station. Let them know how you can be contacted, phone, mobile phone and e-mail. This information may also be updated on the DPS portal including your requested delivery date. 


As soon as you are alerted to your upcoming PCS move, you can start getting your house and family ready. The earlier you call or visit our office, the greater your chances of moving on the date you desire, but you must have valid PCS orders to set up an appointment. 





Newcomers can file claims on damaged household goods shipped with Legal Assistance’s claims staff or with the contractor who shipped their household goods. Claims personnel must receive the DD Form 1840R, provided by the carrier, within 70 days of the delivery date. The Legal Assistance Office is located at 460 Steen Blvd., Suite 201 (Bldg. 307). Call for appointments at 747-3606. The Legal Assistance Office is open Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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