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The Grand Forks AFB Clinic, located at 1599 J Street (Building 109), provides routine and acute care Monday through Friday. However, there is no emergency room at Grand Forks AFB. For medical emergencies, call 911 or proceed directly to your nearest emergency room. The Clinic does provide 24-hour on-base ambulance service, if needed, to the Altru Hospital emergency room in Grand Forks. For out-of-area emergency and urgent medical care, contact the TRICARE office for information.

Active duty personnel have first priority at the Clinic. Retirees and family members enrolled in TRICARE Prime are guaranteed access to the Clinic. Those beneficiaries not enrolled in TRICARE Prime will only be seen on a “Space Available” basis.

The Grand Forks AFB Clinic serves a local patient population of more than 4,529 active duty and retired members and their families. Clinic hours of operation are from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday, and Tuesday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. It is closed weekends, Holidays, and Goal Days. Immunizations are given weekdays during the Clinic’s normal operating hours.

Special needs families--or Q-coded families--will have completed a facility determination before coming to Grand Forks AFB. Service and support groups will be referred by their specialty doctor or their primary care manager.

Making an Appointment: All appointments (Acute, Routine, and Wellness) will be sought through your Primary Care Manager (PCM) whether you are enrolled in Family Medicine, Flight Medicine, or Pediatrics. If you need more specialized care or procedures, your PCM will refer you to the appropriate specialist for the required care. You can obtain an appointment with your PCM by calling the central appointment desk at 747-5601 or 1-866-747-5601 or by utilizing TRICARE online services (Military Treatment Facility enrolled Prime and Plus only).

Emergency Care: A condition that poses a threat to life, limb, eyesight, or a sudden, extremely painful condition which requires immediate treatment to alleviate suffering can be obtained by either calling 911 for ambulance services or by going to the nearest emergency room (Grand Forks, Altru is the only emergency room in the local area. If you are unsure whether your situation is an emergency, you may call 747-5601 or 1-866-747-5601 to speak to your PCM team. See below if emergency care is required after hours.

After Hours Care: If you or your family members become sick after normal duty hours and it is not an emergency (definition listed above), you should contact the on-call provider (PCM) to obtain medical advice or authorization to seek civilian medical care. Call 747-5601 or-1-866-747-5601 and our answering service will request information from you to forward on to the PCM on call. The PCM will then contact you for further information and recommendations.

**Remember, except for emergency care, you must contact your PCM prior to receiving treatment. If AD family members and retirees seek medical care at a civilian facility without proper authorization, they risk Point of Service (POS) charges, which are a $300 for individual and $600 for family deductible, and a 50% cost share of the bill with no catastrophic cap. If AD members seek care without proper authorization, they may be responsible for the entire bill.


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