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 Luke AFB_2019 Housing Rental Options


While the average cost of housing in the commuting area of Luke Air Force Base is moderate, opportunities to rent are available throughout Maricopa County. The types of housing available are as varied as the communities within the county. Single-family homes, condos, townhouses and apartments are available.

Many realtors and landlords require a fee to process your application. This fee offsets their expense for verifying your credit references, employment history, etc. The application fee is $20 or less, and it does not have to be refunded if you do not take the rental. If the application fee exceeds $20 and you do not rent the unit, you may be entitled to a refund of any money in excess of $20. Refunds generally take up to 20 days.

A landlord cannot demand a security deposit of more than an amount equal to two months’ rent for an apartment. In some rental agreements, a clause states that part or all of the security deposit will be nonrefundable if you move out before the lease terminates. The HRO has sample alternate clauses to assist military members in the event you must terminate your lease agreement prior to the expiration date, such as for deployment or accepting on-base housing. Call 623-856-7643/7544.


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