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It is strongly recommended that every individual (or family) reporting to Andersen AFB have a sponsor! Although Guam has many of the amenities associated with a stateside tour, there is no substitute for having contact with an individual on-island who has first hand knowledge and who also has a personal interest in your well-being. Andersen AFB is quite proud of its sponsor program. You can make a request for a sponsor through your orderly room. Your sponsor can greet you at the airport and assist your family.

If you require assistance with sponsorship, call the Airman and Family Readiness Center at 671-366-8136 or DSN 315-366-8136. If you are arriving unaccompanied, the Postal Service Center will assign a permanent PSC box to you at your sponsor's request with a copy of your orders. If you will be accompanied, your sponsor (with your orders) can get you a temporary General Delivery address until you find quarters, after which the U.S. Postal Service, not the PSC, will take care of your mail. The Postal Service Center is located in Building 21001, adjacent to the U.S. Post Office.



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