Temporary Quarters

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All newcomers need to check in at the Andersen AFB Housing Office upon their arrival. They will acquire a TLA form to stay off base. Reservations can be made in advance. On base temporary lodging is not available for individuals who are PCSing to Guam. Individuals will need to work with their sponsor to make reservations at a downtown hotel. Pets are not allowed in temporary lodging and must stay in the kennel or other pre-arranged shelter.

Andersen Pet Lodge

The Andersen Pet Lodge serves three main functions: first, it acts as a quarantine facility for pets (dogs & cats) arriving on Guam (Guam is a rabies free territory); second, it serves as a boarding facility for pets already residing on Guam; and third it raises the quality-of-life for individuals and pets arriving and residing on Andersen AFB.



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